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What would happen if I only drank water?
If i only drink water for like a week would anything happen. Mind you I'm still going to eat just only drink water. What effects would happen?

Hip Hop Tapper
You would probably feel incredibly better. Water will flush out toxins and hydrate your body. You might not believe the change. You'll probably shed a pound or two as well.

Go for it.

If you ate healthy and only drank water, you would be just fine. You would be very hydrated which has a positive affect on your whole system. Drinking water rather than sugary juices and soda would cause one to lose a few pounds as well. Just make sure you are getting enough calcium through your food.

you will lose water weight ^__^
i lost like, 5lbs by simply just drinking water and eating healthy...

nothing. I only drink water.

You'll just be drinking healthy.

you would be hydrated, that's a good thing. and the more you drink it, say for like a month it will help you loose weight.

Joel Wilson
A person can live for several weeks, possibly months without food. However, a person can not live more than a few days without water.

probably not much, but if you only drink water for a very long time it pays off in the end.

nothing would happen,in fact you should rather dring water than fizzy liquids as they can rot your teeth and are bad for your health.

I only drink water and it cleans out your stomach i guess.

kayla d
you will gain weight.
it will be all water weight.
its easyier to loose then fat.
but you will notice some gain.

You could crave things like coffee, coke, tea at first and even get headaches because of leaving those out. After a couple of days, those symptoms will leave you and after a week you will feel a lot healthier and cleaner if your food is healthy as well. You will also feel more energetic and your mind can improve as well. Just dont leave out the food.

it would do part of you well but part of you bad, at school we studied health an you have to have a mix of everything. if you just drank water you wouldn't be active at all you'd just be like duh and have no energy.

oh an fair play to the person who said its only good to have alot of money!

Kat Somers
you'd probably have to pee a lot

Becky K
You would flush your system temporarily. although i don't think that a week would be enough to do a very good job of it. But, you would feel much better, have more energy.

♪ஐŁîļ ߀α®ஐ♪
You will probably feel better. Water is the only thing we should be drinking. Not those sugary carbonated drinks.

Leslie C
You will have the prettiest skin on the block. You're going to use the bathroom quite a bit but it's cleaning out your system. Go for it!

God bless you.

You would be a lot healthier, might even lose some weight. AS long as your still eating properly.

nothing at all would happen . actually! its a great thing to do! water is great! and healthy ... have about 8 8oz cups a day .. you will feel better as you will be helping your body flush out impurities and even you skin could start to look better! much more hydrated.... etc. etc the benefits are endless

Alex C
you would pee clear liquid, be well hydrated and lose weight if you used to only drink soda

You would probably want coffee or what ever else yo drink. Other than that you would be healthier.

nothing. at all. I only drink water and nothing happens to me.
its fine.
Unless maybe you go from drinking soda 24/7 to drinking water than you might lose some weight.

If you drink water for only a week, not only would you feel a lot better about yourself, but you might lose a few ounces.
Water isn't very filling, though. If you drink only water, and are used to drinking juices and sodas, then you are going to have to curb very many cravings that could upset your 'water diet' balance.

Be very careful though. Too much water can be very dangerous. There are actual instances when people have been admitted to hospitals because of too much water intake. It sounds weird, but make sure to go to the bathroom every once in a while.

Water is very healthy, but make sure to eat along with it. Many people make the mistake of eatin ice cubes or drinking lots of water for days on end to lose weight. This is a huge problem, because if you decide not to eat for a certain period of time, the calories you would have eaten before will not be going away with your strenuous excersise and empty stomach, but will only be converted to more fat for storage, because of the fact that you are not eating.

I hope this helped. :D

you might lose a pound or so.. no big dramatic change though.

youd be healthy, but I guess not alot of everything is good, only money

You would look and feel better.

if you ate well and drank only water youd feel pretty good

Fe 7
You should only drink water...it's healthier and you will decrease your appetite..

YES! something would happen. You'd become a lot more healthy. A lot of the things people drink (coffee, soda, processed juices, etc) create acid within your body. Your body has its own PH scale, and it needs to be balanced. Not drinking these acid forming drinks, and drinking only water would help balance your ph. The more balanced your body is, the better it runs in all areas. So...you'd be more healthy and your body would run better. Also, you'd be eliminating a HUGE amount of sugar from your diet. It isnt good to run off sugar, its better to run off natural fats. So, ya good luck with this. BTW, i've been drinking NOTHING but water for the past 10 days as an experiment also, and its been great. I definitely crave other drinks tho sometimes.

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