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 What causes these symptoms?
Shoulder pains..Arm pains...Headaches.
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Also my appetite is off..I rarely get hungry..I eat at the end of the day..beacause I know that I must eat some thing....

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 Do water boiled by microwave safe to drink?

 How can I get Hosptial Records?
Looking for Hospital Records that I were told no longer (via the website) on file from 1977 - 2004 concerning 13 different surgeries. Anyone know whom i can contact at childrens Hospital of P...

 Can't sleep whats wrong?
for some reasons i can't sleep...what is wrong wit me?
Additional Details
At the moment i have a lot on my mind but i have had a lot on my mind before and i could go to sleep. it...

 My knee makes a popping noise everytime I bend my legs??
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 Why have i got a thumb nail which grown with horrid ridges?
since over a year ago it was damaged by a dog bite, and now has ridges running from root to tip,...

 Unable to get out of bed til late?
Hi, so all throughtout my life from my teens, I have not had the willpower to get myself out of bed in the mornings. I have had multiple alarams to try and wake me up, but I always find myself either ...

 My daughter's hands noticeably shake when she is holding something.?
These shakes have been noticed by teachers and friends; she also tends to be anxious and impulsive ("ADD" but has never been on meds). She is now in her teens, but it has been going on ...

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 I accidently fell asleep with my disposable contacts and now my eyes are killing me!?
What can I do to relieve this!!! Eye drops are doing ...

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 How many fingers am i supposed to have?
I have 10 fingers but I don't know how many I'm supposed to have....

 Question About Smoking Cigarettes...... Im just wondering?
If you smoke without inhaling it into your chest i know its still harmful but what would you think in your opinion that its a little LESS harmful than actually inhaling it in? Hope that ...

 My son went to our doctors he had alot of pain and difficult breathing. he had no money they denied him?
he had an out standing balance of $35.00 and no money to pay so they told him they would not see him unless he paid. 3 hours later he was brought back there and the $35.00 was paid. when he seen the ...

 What is the fast way too clean your system out too pass a drug test?

 Dandruff or something else.?
I have a problem with my scalp. My skin is very dry and I am not sure if it is dandruff or maybe somehting serious. The flakes are out of control.When I wash my hair it is okay until it dries. I also ...

 Chest pains?
after workimg in the garden about couple hours after I had a severe attack of indigestion . I went to bed and woke up 4 hours later still with indigestion and my left arm aching which I put down to ...

 Being skiny is good or not?

What will happen if I take aspirin after it has expired?
Do aspirin tablets really "go bad" the exp.date is 08/05 should I throw them away or do you think it is ok to still use them?

Dont take your chance if you want to be cured of your headache.Aspirin is cheap..so get new ones

U DIE.lol. just kiddin, u might have an upset stomach, "depending" on how "many" u took.

as far as I know, it won't harm you, it will just not be as effective in relieving your pain.

honey it's been too many months now. please throw them away except you want to commit suicide.

They probably just won't be as effective. I would throw them away. Asprin is real cheap anyway.

Will F
Throw them away, they are cheap enough, and if they get too old, they will take like vinegar and not work.

Jessica B.
Nothing,it just might not work as good.

‚ô•Hoping For A Little One‚ô•
um well...i just wouldnt do it...just not a good idea

They may not be as effective but they shouldn't harm you. I'd just get a new bottle.

I am a Legend
it will be called aspirin malfunction

might give you diarrhoea

You will still have your headache.

According to this website:

The expriation dates on aspirin don't really mean that there is anything wrong with them. The FDA requires an experiation date so they put one on the bottle but often that date is long before the aspirin looses it's effectiveness.

Worst case scenario, the aspirin is less effective so it won't really help - but it won't hurt your either.

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