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Christopher A
Check your diet, see a doctor, take a safe mild laxative.

Kurtis A

Try some cocaine. Just kiddin'. Prune juice kiddo.

Stay away from fatty food. Eat more vegetables. Also there is this stuff called Colon Cleanse that is suppose to be real good.

Janice M
While most likley this is nothing serious, you may want to talk to your docotor about this. Sometimes thyroid disease, irritable bowel diesease, or a medication you are taking can cause it.

If this is not the case, then you may want to evaluate you diet. Sometimes you need to drink more water. Sometimes, as with people who are strictly on the Atkins diet, you may not get enought fiber. Eating more fruit and vegatables will help. Whole grains and beans may also help. Also exercise may help, as standing up and moving helps gravity help you.

If this doesn't help you then may want metamuicil or some other fiber based laxitive. Just make sure you drink enough water with it. Otherwise it will worsen the constipation.

After that a pill called docusate is a stool softener. It's not a true laxitive, but it makes the stool softer and easier to come out.

Then, if these fail, consider take laxitives. However, I would not suggest you schedule these regularly. Lactulose, Sorbitol and milk of magnesia are good. However, depending on you medical conditions there may be reasons to pick one over the other. For example, milk of magnesia is not good if you have kidney disease because the magnesium can build up. Senna (Sennacot) and Bisacodyl stimulate the bowels to move and are powerful. However, your bowels can become dependant on them so you should not take them every day.

Again, even though some of these are over the counter, I again would not suggest taking a laxitive regularly without talking to your doctor first.

Below I have also included a link from the NIH on constipation

I hope it help.

p.s. the spell checker doesn't work, so I am sorry about any words that may be spelled wrong,

chocolate is a natural laxative

Metamucil - A healthy fiber choice

Fiber. Such as miniwheats, they make fiber pills, powder to mix into your drink, prunes, and eat healthy. Good Luck

prune juice

Drink more water. Try a bowl of cornflakes in the evening as a bedtime snack every day. yes, with milk. And eat more roughage foods, Whole grains and stuff. Coffee in the morning does it for me. Dried fruits are known for their power and yogurt everyday for two weeks containing acidophiles will set your bowels on track. Happy crappin'

I've found a product called Benefibre to be very effective. I follow the directions and mix it with water, and it has no taste whatsoever! You can put it in juice or coffee or any other liquid you like. Good luck, I know what it's like to be "stopped up".

Dean A
exlax, comes in different flavours now, for fun disolve into brownie batter and make brownies, give to friends

The best thing out there i think is fybogel. they are sachets of an orange drink that you mix with water and they have gritty bits in. This will not give you diarrheoa but will make you regular. they need a few days to get into your system though

Try adding more fiber or drinking prune juice

At one time I had the same problem but my aunt told me as soon I was awake and went into the kitchen to fix myself a cup of warm to mildly hot water and drink it every morning. I have now done this for a couple of years and it really works. Shortly after I drink my water I go to the bathroom. It took about a week for it to start working but now I go every morning and sometimes a couple of times a day.

You'd be better off changing your diet, than adding a pill. However, if you want a pill just get a fiber supplement.

I would recommend adding walnuts or almonds to cereal in the morning. Raw organic apple cider vinegar works well too. You just put 2 teaspoons in a glass of water or other drink (I use ice tea) You drink it before a meal.

Drinking more water and exercising can help too. Fruits can also help.

Stephanie D
Dulcolax is good to help you go. Or you can just make sure you get enough fiber. Like fiberchoice mix or something.

Laxatives and food rich in fiber if you mean to poop. For urinating, drink more water. Pooping naturally can be every 2 days, but if you're only peeing every other day, you may need to see a doctor (if drinking more doesnt help).

consult ur dr, not every lax are safe, and those over the counter doesn't really work. lax have their really really really bad side effect, it can makes you so dependent on them, or in best, going at times you dont' really want to be going (intimate moments are classic example).

best remedy to be taken safely: lots and lots of water, it soften the existent bulk and makes u go more often. to create more bulk focus on fibers (READ THE LABEL PLEASE), lots of vegi and fruits are the key.. also cereals muesli etc. oh, and those safe bacteria in yougurts and milk works magic too...

good luck :)..

Metamucil or another fiber rich drink

More Ovaltine please!

try adding natural fiber to your diet. Eat more fruit and raw vegetables. Prunes are a good old standby for this purpose. But "going" every two days could be perfectly normal for you. You shouldn't worry too much about it. And DON'T start taking laxatives---your body can grow dependent on them, and then you WILL have a problem. Right now, I don't think you do. Get a thorough physical just to be sure.

you could drink cranberry or prune juice

Metamucil works great

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