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What is worse for you smoking weed or smoking cigarettes?


Smoking weed/pot.

both are very bad for you. cigarettes cause lung cancer and you get addicted, and weed kills brain cells

Stefanie K

A lot of people have said weed nowadays because they're doing a lot more testing on it and learning more and more about what it does overtime to your body. But I'd still say cigarrettes because of the whole rat poison and arsenic being in them - and lung cancer.

cigs. in my opinion pot is perfectly okay.

It depends on the frequency of your smoking. For example, smoking 2 packs a day of cigs is worse than smoking weed once a week, but the cigs would be better if you're only smoking once a day.

They are both pretty bad. Weed screws up your brain and tobacco screws up your body. Depends on which you want.

Steer clear of both of them. You will save time and money.

Bryer B


cigarettes cause addiction and are riddled with toxins..weed only causes disorientation and kills brain cells....so i would say ciggarettes

♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥

depends on what you consider worse
dying or stupidity

Smoking cigarettes! there are a million chemicals in them and weed is organic. Weed also isnt as addictive but it does kill brain cells and effects your lungs, just not as harshly as cigarettes. You really shouldnt smoke either.


depends how you look at it -- cigarettes are physically addicting, both are mentally addicting -- Nicotine is actually poison, everybody knows that, it causes your veins and arteries to suppress, trying to slow the poison from travelling -- also causes your heart to slow down -- And weed numbs your brain cells, can take 5 years to bring them back to normal -- it doesn't actually kill them but maybe it does eventually, I'm not sure -- messes with your reaction time and bla bla bla -- I think cigarettes are worse for your health -- I'm not sure how safe weed is or how bad it really is -- remember the videos the government made way back in the day for schools? They were really really bad -- but it was all lies and some of those lies and myths still exist today. My grandpa actually smokes weed to this day -- he has since he was 12 -- he's a great guy, he's really funny -- I don't think he has a perfect memory but according to "government studies," he shouldn't be able to think but he has a great job and busts his butt when he's there --- I can't say it's ok because it's illegal -- but I don't judge people who smoke it either -- I don't really care -- I would honestly recommend weed over alcohol any day --

Ridin the storm out
High there- LOL- Hey, everyone has their own vices. In regards to ur question- I have personal experience with both- kicked the pot habit years ago, as I am an ol tokin stokin hippie, and judge nobody 4 their decision 2 take a toke 2 chill out- the problem with weed is that it is ILLEGAL- Which is much worse for you, if caught with the stuff. Have you ever taken the residue out of a pipe when out of the green? Pretty thick and heavy, huh? In re: to cigarettes, they are legal, but, just as equally toxic to ur lungs. AND they cost a HECK of a lot MORE than they used to. To answer ur question- ILLEGAL IS THE GREEN- TOBACCO IS LEGAL, AS SEEN. GOOD LUCK - BE CAREFUL- AND DON'T GET CAUGHT WITH THE POT ON UR PERSON. THIS DOESN'T OCCUR WITH A PACK OF TOBACCO- TAKE CARE!

Marijuana is worse for your lungs, but pot smokers don't usually inhale as much smoke as the typical, pack-a-day cigarette smoker inhales. From personal experience, I can tell you that marijuana was MUCH worse for my mental health, though. I can't even begin to tell you how much better my life is since I quit smoking pot.

Strictly healthwise I'd guess cigarettes since you smoke a lot more of those...though at least they have filters. Lifestyle, I'd guess pot would ruin you more.

Pásame la Sal

Why do you even think about loading up your system with either one? It's not going to do anything but cause you health problems if you stay on either.

I'm not a weed smoker.. but it is pure and grows in the ground.. So i would say that it is better for you..


i would say cigarettes . no one has died smoking gonja but people die every day from stoogies

nigel v
cigarettes are by far worse for your health.

very few studies are published about smoking pot. If there was any major health risks it would be well stated by our wonderful government.

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