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What is the best thing for a bladder infection?

seeing a doctor is the best thing for it


i hear cranberry juice is good.

claire b
See a Dr because a friend of mine was taking over the counter medicine for a bladder infection and it was a tumor.

cranberry juice or if you dont like cranberry juice go to your local gnc or walmart and buy the cranberry vitamin pill. You will feel better in no time.

Dr. Chiro
Depending on how bad it is, how often you get them and if you want to do it naturally or with meds. If you want meds go to your doctor. If you want to do it naturally, drink alot of water, at least a gallon or more a day and pure cranberry juice can help. You can look up some natural remedies on line. Good luck!!

u need to see a doc. aside from being really painful....it can get worse.

Amira N
just had one, went to doctor and she gave me microbid which is antibiotic for the infection/bacteria... also drink lotssss of water and cranberry juice :)

Lisa the Pooh
A visit to your doc for a quick culture to see what strain of bacteria it is (all you do is pee in a cup)-- get the APPROPRIATE antibiotics.
Then lots of water and cranberry juice.

Good luck-- hope you feel better soon.

megan b
I have just recently heard that things like yogurt have natural good bacteria that your body needs to function properly. So it is important to eat this while taking your antibiotics. Plus if you have a health store nearby they have 100% pure cranberry juice. It's tart, but a shot a day and plently of water should get you by until you can see a doctor.

Jessica R
I get bladder infections and in my experience the natural remedies don't work for a full blown infection. :( Don't wait until you have a kidney infection to go to the doctor - just go now, get your antibiotics and get it over with. I hate going to the doctor but I go get my antibiotics like a good girl whenever I get a bladder infection because if you put if off, you seriously could end up in the hospital.

You might take a day to drink a lot of fluids, just to make sure it's an infection and not just bladder irritation from too much coffee or dehydration - but if it gets worse instead of better - especially if you have blood, back pain or a fever - get your butt to the dr.

antibiotics are the best thing. Antibiotics will make the infection go away, but in the mean time until you see a doctor, you can take URISTAT. You can buy it at any drug store with no prescription, and it helps the symptoms not feel as bad (burning, and urge to go) The uristat is NOT an antibiotic to cure the infection, you still need to see a doctor.

Then again if you can't afford to go to the doc. or get medicine. Cranberry juice and water usually washes it out.

Drink lots and lots of water. Drink cranberry juice. Do not drink caffeinated drinks until the infection seems to be gone.

IF there is any blood in your urine, you need to go see a doctor ASAP as the problem could have developed into a kidney infection.

If not, then go to the pharmacy and buy the OTC AZO for bladder problems.

drinking cranberry juice and taking an other the counter med such as uristat help with the symptoms, howvever in order to get rid of the infection you need to see a doctor who will prescribe an antibiotic such as Macrobid or Levaquin. The other the counter meds only mask symptoms, they dont make them go away.
Good Luck :)

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