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What is the best food to eat when you have a cough/cold?
I have a cough/cold atm, what's the best food it eat. I don't want to eat any food that makes it any worse.
Additional Details
Is it a good idea to get a takeaway curry from my local fast food place?

Chicken noodle soup! It soothes your throat, calms your cough, and is good for you too! Hope you feel better soon!

Chicken soup. Homemade is best. can is just a replacement of homemade.. it's been proven for years that it helps with colds.. it's in the chicken bones.
drink lots of water

Soup! Lots of hot foods seem to help. And juices to help keep the nutrients in your body.

When I get a real bad cold I eat a lot of garlic and for a cold I spend 10-15 minutes in a steam room, it does wonders.

Soup. Crackers. Toast. Anything warm is good.

carrie s
any type of soup broth and crackers

Angel Eve
Eat things that are either very hot, or very cold. Both of these things will ease the pain and heal you faster.

The best food to eat when you have a cough/cold is any kind of hot soup.

Hot homemade chicken noodle soup or just the chicken broth is very good. Good luck, hope you are feeling better real soon. God bless

You can eat anything you want. No one food is going to make you feel any worse. Foods with spices such as curry and chili seem to open up your nasal passages for a short time. So go ahead and order the food from your local take-out place.

The best for me is Hot & Sour soup from a chinese restaraunt. It's hot so it soothes your throat and the spiciness opens your sinuses.

Hi,,,, Chicken noodle soup,, or Chicken gumbo..

both are good and make you feel better...

good luck

I know soup isn't the best thing to be considered "food" but the Campbells Chunky has the chicken noodle and it has alot more in it. I would try ham and cabbage. It's warm, and it doesn't coat your throat to make it scratchy and itchy for the rest of the night, plus when your throat is warm like that, you are less likely to cough and make it worse. Try some Tea and Honey! That always helped my, and stopped the colds from getting worse alot of the time!

I just got through one last week:

You absolutely cant go wrong with soup....that'll do you really good and although there are so many fancy soups out there with all the chunky stuff in it...you really cant go wrong with good ole' campbell's chicken noodle soup...the broth makes you feel so much better and the food isnt so chunky that you might as well not be eating soup.

Also drink some fresh squeezed orange juice or just eat the oranges ...but if you have a juicer, juicing an orange will make you instantly feel better.
Also eat some bananas they are soo good for your general health that its unbelievable.

Also if your throat was sore like mine...there is a sore throat apple cinnamon theraflu that will not only clear the cough but put you right to sleep.

Hope you feel better....make sure to dress warm when going out....that means dont forget your scarf!!!!!

Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup with some OJ on the side...

Best Wishes :-)

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