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What is so bad about peeing in the shower?
It runs down the drain anyways, I can see why you shouldnt pee in the tub, but the shower???

Dark Aznz
u never noe someone in ur family might sit down

you can get tinea and give it to other people who have a shower in the same one the person whos pees in it does

I don't think it is bad, i did it some time. But make sure it is happen not at the end of the shower, it stink.

it's something they say is wrong... but everybody does it


essentially nothing but it's a breach of etiquette


You have to scrub the floor areas after a while otherwise it will stink badly.

Urine as a high acidy smell to it..if you continue to urinate in the shower..eventually it will start to throw off that smell....

It's actually good if you have athletes foot. I kills it on the shower floor so others that use the shower don't get it. And, no, it does not make the drain smell.

Nothing, I do it all the time. it feels very good...but for respect purposes, try to clean after your self a little MR CLEAN spray will do the trick.

I know a guy who's father was a real estate mogul. He was spoiled as a child and never learned to do anything.(no skills) His father passed and the guy inherited his fathers properties..which are businesses and rental homes and apartments. He dips his hands into his endless money bags and wastes it on drugs. He moved into one of the homes after the tenant left, with the intensions of fixing it up, however, he ended up trashing it! He peed not only in the shower, but all over the floor and toilet and everything! He just went into the bathroom and started peeing...like, once he was in there, it was a pee room! So, you tell me, is it gross to pee in the shower and not clean it? Would you do what he did? We have toilets for a reason. They are made to contain our human waste...I think it's a hygiene issue.

Nothing. The definition of a Gentile: Someone who gets OUT of the shower to pee!

You watch Seinfeld, don't you?

Nothing...I do it everyday...(never had smelly drains)

1. it can cause bacteria,fungi,germs,mold, and more in the restroom/bathroom (your restroom/bathroom is already dirty even if you clean it daily)
2. it's not clean
3. odor, smells like sewer water and feces
4. bad health regulations
5. you shower there daily, so your wasting energy by trying to become clean when your in a dirty showerplace
6. it's gross

nothing is wrong with it - and regarding the whole tinea thing - that is NOT true. tinea is a ringworm which you have to touch someone in order to get.

It makes the drain reek of pee and it is not something that I want on my feet

it goes to the ocean....i think

♥My 2 Cents♥
nothing...my husband wont do it....lol.....

It makes the drain smell


I think it depends on if you share a shower with other people. If so, it's just rude and discourteous. If not, have at it. I personally don't like pee running between my legs.

nothing as long as you clean the tub after you shower

it is i!
Noting as long as it doesn't stay in there with the stagnant water after you shower... go ahead.. just make sure you let the water run afterwards so it washes away!

Nobody said it was bad, but peeing on the neighbor's front porch is better.
Three o'clock in the morning. Not too often though, you don't want it to start smelling.

if you pee in the shower, then you have to be sure that it all gets cleaned up very well by the running water. and if any is left in the drain, or in a puddle somewhere then bacteria will grow in it and make an unsanitary environment that you can get sick in very easily

well, i would say that i wouldnt want it on my feet or anything. i mean, i no ur taking a shower anyways, but come on...that HAS to be kinda gross, right??? otherwise...nothing is wrong with it really i guess..

nothing. it actually prevents athlete's foot. pee is sterile til it comes in contact w/an unsanitary object. pee is so sterile, that it has been used as a cleanser for surgeon's hands in emergency surgery situations when water and soap were unavailable.

It's only "bad" because society says so. What people don't know can't bother them! At least you're not peeing on a public sidewalk.

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