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What is good to take (or drink)when your kidneys are sore?

when your kidneys are very important water and cranberry juice is the best thing and also try to stop eating red meat and pork is not that good either so the best thing to do is stop putting all that no good food into your body god did not make us to put all those nasty things into your body yes indeed he made us to eat but not to eat meat and don't drink juice.

lots and lots of fluids, but cranbberry juice is good to neutralize the acidity in urine.

darren b
drink plenty of water. this will help flush out your kidneys. if that doesnt help, you should check with your doctor, it might be a possible kidney infection. good luck.

Water, water water water water water water water water water water water water water water and more water.
How do you know its your kidneys?

cranberry juice

cranberry juice and lots of water

Water and cranberry juice. And make sure it is cranberry juice: Lately someone's been putting out cranberry *flavored* juice- which is not the same thing at all.

Joe B
Cranberry juice

from your dreams

Cranberry juice. I just did a search for that, b/c my kidneys are hurting really bad right now, and I have a heat pack on them.

Lemonade or limeade. something with acidity in it so it will dissolve the stones.

plenty of water to flush impurities

Cranberry Juice & Plenty of Water

cerebral assassin
cranberry juice, it flushes out your system

BEER! And lots of it! You know how much it makes you pee? Your kidneys will kick into overdrive and flush themselves right on out. When the alcohol kicks in, you won't even worry about the pain!

Drink 100% real cranberry juice and lots of water.

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