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What is MSG? when u buy mrs dash seasoning n its says no msg?
i know its cancerous but do not remember what is msg

But why is the rum always gone?
MSG is monsodium glutimate (or maybe glutamate) and it is a perservative that has the added benefit of bring out natural flavors. On the downside, it is totally artifical and many people have sensitivities to it, or even outright allergic reactions. It si most common in Chinese food, and many Chinese places advertise no MSG becasue so many people worry about it. You will find MSG on many food labels, under the full name above, especially in foods that are heavily processed or packed for long shelf life. It is not strictly speaking carcinogenic, but why take chances?

b b
monosodium glutamate...they use it a lot in Chinese food...supposedly it's not good for you...i think it might ruin your stomach lining or something

mono sodium glutemate.

Mary S
Stands for monosodium glutamate. You can learn about it at the link.

I heard it can cause headaches too. Its in Ramen Noodles.

monosodium glutamate......is created when protein is either partially or fully broken apart into its constituent amino acids or glutamic acid is secreted from selected bacteria. Some people are highly allergic to it.

MSG stands for an additive: monosodium glutamate

Many people are allergic to MSG and have bad reactions like asthma, runny nose, itchy skin, etc. MSG is used to enhance the flavor of foods.

It stands for MonoSodium Glutamate. MSG It's a type of salt. It's used as a "flavor enhancer"

MSG is Mono Sodium Glutamate. It is used in a lot of recipes because it has the effect of making tastes "stronger." But a lot of people are allergic to it. Even for people who are not allergic, using MSG is kind of a cheap way out of just using better ingredients in the first place.

Mrs. Dash, which is sold for its healthy qualities, wants you to know that they are not doing anything like that.

Avoid MSG, its no good for you. Youll find it in a lot of asian food, and also seasoning as you mentioned.


MSG is a food additive, or flavor enhancer.

laura palmer
monosodium glutamate; flavor enhancer. It is free glutamate. Glutamate is an amino acid that is in many of the proteins in your body. In proteins, it's bound to other amino acids. MSG is an unbound form of glutamate.

By the way, aspartame, the artificial sweetener, contains phenylalanine, another amino acid that most people have in their bodies.

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