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What happens when you dont sleep??
for 4 days i want to see what will happen

Lindsey S
You get tired duh.No seriously that's crazy it will get delirious.Don't do that to your body.

bags under ur eyes and ur very drowsy

you will get sick.... you don't have enough energy, you always feel tired, your blood pressure falls down, and there's a tendency you're blood count will decrease that will result to anemia and makes you an anemic. You can't think well, lack of focus and easily irritated.

soft lips
your eyes will be much more beautiful.
your back bone will be very strong.
your nervous system will be active.
your digestive system will work good.
your blood circulation will be normal.
your body immunity will be much more strong.
hey are you serious not to sleep... well dont do it !!

guba2giba -OMAR =)
alot of people
ranging from religious to scientist believe that after around 4-5 days with no sleep the body unlocks a hidden power idk

but im prty sure ull be tired

You will start to feel REALLY spacey... and get really irritated. The best remedy of this problem I have found out is GO TO BED.

After about 48 hours of no sleep, you will start to hallucinate. People have reported seeing strange color and objects floating in a circular pattern above their heads, and at about the 4/5 day mark, your immune system will start to slowly weaken. Iand f you continue to not sleep you will eventually go crazy, Plus you can never gain back the hours that you will lose. It's a very bad idea to do this and I do not recommend it

you will wake up with a head ach be very sleepy for the whole day and lazy

♡♪♫☆Baby Animal♥♡♪♫☆ღ»-(¯`v´¯)-»
you will feel like a zombie (and probably look like one too)

Jose B
well since you'll be up you won't miss anything

you will pass out sooner or later. You will be a groutch too.

Sweet Pea ♫
Usually, you get very grouchy.. You get bags under your eyes, and it's very hard to concentrate.

From lack of sleep, your perseption will be off. Kind of like a drunk feeling, but without being happy and feeling the perks of being drunk.

Sleep debt or deprivation will cause daytime fatigue. You feel groggy and lethargic after waking up in the morning and struggle to stay awake( sleepiness) during the day.

Recent research has verified that chronic poor sleep results in difficulties with focused attention; short attention span; , low threshold to express negative emotion (irritability and easy frustration), and difficulty modulating impulses and emotions. It can also cause difficulty in concentration at impt tasks at work or school.

Sleep deprivation weakens the immune system leaving us more susceptible to other diseases and disorders like diabetes, cancer and even the common cold. That's why whenever we're sick; the very most important thing in the treatment plan is rest and sleep.

If you routinely roll over and fall back to sleep when your clock radio goes off in the morning.

What to do: Turn up the volume and get out of bed. You may also want to put your alarm clock across the room so you're forced to get up to turn it off. It's better to set your alarm for the time you actually need to get up — or just five to ten minutes before. Setting the alarm much earlier just so you can hit the snooze button a couple of times will only disrupt the precious sleep that you're getting.

Another solution to this problem - if you can't reschedule, tackle your most challenging task first thing in the morning when you'll probably be most alert. Save your least-demanding projects for the mid-afternoon slump when your eyelids are starting to droop.

Also troubling are findings that adolescent sleep difficulties are often associated with psychopathologies such as depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Opposing views : recent studies discovered that not getting enough sleep can actually help treat depression. A review article in a recent issue of Biological Psychiatry suggests that doctors may soon be using sleep deprivation therapy to treat depression as regularly as they did some 20 years ago

Sleeping through the alarm
Feeling groggy all day
Spacing out at work
Napping through meetings
Heavy food weighing you down
Snapping at the kids
Letting the housework piled up
Core body temperature drops
Hastens the aging process
Obesity is common . The obese person will tend to eat more to keep awake and obtain the energy they need.

One complete set of sleep deprivaion is as impairing in simulated driving tests as a legally intoxicating blood- alochol level. A lot of traffic accidents are caused by drivers nodding off at the wheel.

Why is sleep so important to us? There have been studies done that suggest that sleep deprivation can be detrimental to or decrease the function of our immune systems. Just think, how often was it that after many days of continual sleep deprivation did you start to think that you had a cold?

Sleep deprivation can also result in a decrease in core body temperature, decrease in the release of growth hormone, and possible cause an increase in heart rate variability. Sleep also seems to be important in order for our nervous system to work properly. Without sufficient amount of sleep, our behavior and our ability to do things are impaired.

We feel drowsy and are unable to concentrate after not getting enough sleep. With enough sleep deprivation, it has been found that some begin to hallucinate and develop mood swings. Higher-ordered cognitive task become more difficult to do where it has been shown that tests that require speed and accuracy have lower results compared to those that are not sleep deprived.

Judgment is also impaired; it has been tested that riskier behavior is more likely to occur when sleep deprived. This is part of the reason why you should not drive when you are sleep deprived. Aside from the risk of falling asleep at the wheel, since judgment is impaired, you may make the wrong decision when driving that could cause an accident.

As stated before, when deprived of sleep high-ordered cognitive tasks are more difficult to accomplish. This is why sleep deprivation is so detrimental to students. It has been shown that verbal learning is highly affected by lack of sleep. Recalling things is also more difficult which is why it is important to have sufficient amounts of sleep before taking an exam.

It has also been found that thinking and speech can also be impaired. When you do not get enough sleep, it becomes more difficult to communicate to others. The problem is that it is hard to find the right words to say what you are thinking. This suggests that access to long term memory is impaired.

Also, when speaking, a person who is sleep deprived will usually speak in a monotone. Just remember to the last time you did not get enough sleep and recall how there were times when you found it difficult to communicate to your friends. Finding the right words, speaking them, and being able to concentrate must have been hard .

Sleep is important part of our daily lives. Without it, we would not be able to function well. However, many people, especially students, do not get enough of it. The results are not positive. With lack of sleep, many things are impaired such as memory, judgment, verbal learning and more. All of those things are vital to be a good student because without it, how can you study, do well on an exam or participate in discussions?

The only effect of sleep deprivation that you can slightly counteract is drowsiness, which can be reduced by drinking coffee or anything that may have caffeine. Napping in the afternoon can help reduce some of the effects, but it is better to keep those naps short or else, you may end up more tired and groggy than before. So, without enough sleep our behavior will change making us worse students. Therefore, we can conclude that we all need more sleep.

This is a revised reply. So pls disregard the troll who gave me a bad rating.

in the marines i was kept up for three days without sleep and eventually .....you just fall asleep every time you blink .....like you close your eyes and your body shuts down and say's you need sleep

agree with above. immune system gets weak. you get sick more easily. it happened to me first week of my school year because of my ap us class. slept six hours in five days.not fun. take my advice.

Sleep is very important to good health.
I hope you wouldn't shoot yourself just to see what would happen!

"Curiosity killed the cat!"

Sleep denial for four days is not recommended. In some cases such a long time without sleep has proved disasterous and lead some to insanity.

Your bain needs to dump unwanted information on daily basis. Even if you are not aware of it, you will have dream sequences which is the process of dumping.

Failure of any brain function due to lack of sleep can lead to serious health risk problems.

In matters of human health, sleep is the great cure. What is the first thing the nurses do when you are taken into hospital? They put you in a bed. That's right. You are encouraged to sleep.

SLEEP IS THE CURE it extends human life, slows down the ageing process and a lot more besides.

Try to get about 7 hours minimum per night and you'll be okay. DO NOT GO FOUR DAYS WITHOUT SLEEP.


Earn M
This is what happens to your body if it's deprived of sleep:
- You have problems with memory and concentration.
- You have problems finding the right word.
- You get irritable.
- Neurotransmitters in the brain become altered.
- Children's growth will be stunted.
- You become more susceptible to infection.
- At its extreme, sleep deprivation can lead to death.

Kitten P
well from personal experience not sleeping starts to mess with your head in a bad way... At day 4 (when I was younger) I was almost delirious and it was a horrible run down feeling... I honestly wouldn't put myself through that ever again.. it's dumb to do...

Miranda K
You start to get delerious, you start seeing things, You get woozy and you have a hard time feeling your body, its kinda like its all numb.. and every time your like not moving you have the urge to close your eyes & even cold water wont work to wake you up...

Tina K
The experiments that have been done show that after several days people begin to go mad.

No Longer Dizzy
You'll get tired!

I have a very close friend who didn't sleep at all for close to a week due to stress at her home and job...one day at work she suddenly had a nervous breakdown, forgot who she was, where she was, and went around telling everyone she was the Antichrist. She had to spend a couple of weeks in the psych ward recovering, and ended up on medication long-term after that.

So yeah, I wouldn't recommend doing this to yourself ON PURPOSE. :P

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