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What happens when a pill you've swallowed goes down the wrong tube?
This happened to me tonight. I knew instantly something was wrong and I felt the pill go down my throat. I swallowed a few more times and felt that the pill was stuck. Now my heartrate is up. I can't feel the pill when I swallow anymore, but I'm still worried. What if it's stopping my airflow? It's nyquill so I'll probably fall asleep soon. Is it too dangerous to fall asleep?

Only 2 tubes in your throat, oesophagus for food and trachea for air. if the pill didn't go down your oesophagus you would know - you would be choking or at least coughing. Sometimes when you swallow something it does get a bit stuck (I found this with contraceptive pill) and have the feeling of it being stuck there for ages. I think it just irritates your oesophagus. Like if you accidently get a fly at the back of your throat it feels like its still there for ages after its gone. Heart rate goes up if your panicking, call an ambulance if you're worried.

The pill was stuck in your throat and you swallowed it after a few tries. I doubt the pill went into your bronchial tubes or lungs.

It's actually almost impossible for anything to go down the wrong tube. What happens when you feel that is the flap that is there to keep something from going down there sensed something coming and closed. That's why you suddenly lose your breath. Just try to calm down and take deep breaths. Your body will do the rest.

Del C
Down the wrong tube is just an expression for getting something caught in the throat that didn't go down smoothly. The wrong tube would put the object in your lungs which is highly unlikely. You will
probably be fine.

i think i would go to the local emergency room

Chef Tony
Your throat has two passages, esophagus and trachea separated by the epiglottas. When you talk the epiglottas covers the esophagus and when you eat it covers the trachea. If it went down the "wrong tube" you would be dead. Relax pal...it went down your esophagus and you will be fine. (Pre-med major)

i think you will be ok. if you r worried about it call the local hospital and ask a nurse.

the pill got stuck in your esophagus and eventually went down into your stomach. if you aspirated it (into your lung) you would immediately cough it back up (unless you have had a stroke that has impaired your epiglottis). if it were blocking your airway you would be gasping breath and eventually unconscious and unable to type a question on yahoo answers. your heart rate is up because you have stressed yourself out. go to sleep. you will be just fine.

if you are falling asleep because of the nyquill then it went to your stomache... and you shouldn't have any issues...

but if you are having trouble breathing I would have someone take you to the ER.

chill bro. just drink some water to wash it down. afterwards you will still feel like it is in you throat. but it is just soar because the pill got jammed for a bit when you first swallowed it.

If it was stopping your airflow you wouldn't be sitting here. It most likely didn't go down the wrong tube. It just felt like it. Things like that rarely happen and you'd probably be coughing your brains out if it did.

It's very rare for a pill to go down the wrong tube. They're just too big. It probably did get stuck, but it would dissolve before anything could happen. You just feel uncomfortable for a few minutes, but it does go down. Furthermore, if your air flow was being restricted you'd definitely know. So relax.

its unlikely this would actually happen. It may get stuck on the way to your stomach. That you cant feel it says its either in your stomach or actually has gotten into your lungs. Your raised heart rate could be a side effect of it hitting your lungs or it could just be you are stressed by the event.

Either way I think it is best to go to the doctor now and certainly do not go to sleep, its unknown what will happen but going to sleep right now is a big risk for you.

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