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What happens when a hernia Busts?

Steven B
You die.

Bu Ang
they bring you to the ER for surgery.

who knows....?
it sounds icky tho,


A hernia is already sort of a bust. It is when the muscle wall opens up or tears and the intestines poke out thru it. Very painful. Now if the intestines bust or the hernia gets worse - it's surgery.

A hernia is related to an out pouching of intestine in a weakened wall. This can be in the abdomen or scrotum. We are born with these weak spots and they basically give way. A hernia may become strangulated when the intestine is compressed and lacks blood flow. I hope this helps. I wasn't sure what you meant by when a hernia bursts

First of all a hernia does not bust,it will however rupture and when this happens you are in a lot of pain in the area of the hernia,sometimes a person can have a hernia for a long time before this may happen but when it ruptures you have to have surgery right away,the one that I know of was in the lower stomach area.If left untreated once it ruptures it could do other damage as well.

CAn one bust? I have never heard of that happening! I have one! My doctor has never talked about that before! bye

i had a hernia when i was in third grade (random, i know) it already is a sort of bust, as your intestinal wall has ripped and your intestines are (this sounds gross) spilling out underneath your skin. mine was on my left side about 5 cm below my bellybutton and if i flexed my stomach mucles a large bulge would appear in this region (the intestines pushing against the inside of my skin) i was kind of a weird kid and was amused by this (i was lucky and it didn't hurt for some reason) eventually i had to get it surgically removed but it was cool -- they gave me rootbeer-flavored gas-form anesthetic and i got to go home in a wheelchair cuz i couldn't feel my legs. the stitches were kind of nauseating but i had a cool scar to show the kids on the playground! haha .. i just realized this probably didn't answer your question at all!

# one
A ruptured hernia is serious. The skin will break open and your insides will be exposed to all kinds of germs. Check out this article. It's the only one I could find.

Barbara A
You need to get it attended to. It can "bust" and then the blood would go into the cavity that is involved...the lower perineal area, the gut, anywhere this hernia is. That is NOT good. Free blood in the body is not good. So take care of it soon.

I don;t think it really bursts, it is your intestine passing through a weaakness in the abdominal muscle, which usually holds it in.

It can be strangulated when the flow of blood and passage of digestive material is crimped off, that is serious and could cause deadening/gangrene of the intestine and surgury to repair in any case.

Maybe you are thinking of bursting of an infected appendix. That bursting spreads infection in your abdomen and is very serious. Death follows in a day or so.

Your guts poke through the muscle and create a bulge underneath the skin. You need to get it checked by a doctor immediately if it starts to hurt as it may be strangulated.

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