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Mike W
What does it mean when I urinate often? It's always clear or light yellow and I drink plenty of water...?
Can it be unhealthy to drink too much water? Or green tea?

ok...you drink alot of water and you are asking why you pee alot? You need to be asking why someone let you graduate!

j. k
I think you are fine....it seems when i drink lots of water and dont eat much, then i have to go VERY often...but when i drink lots and eat seems like i go less...i think its prefectly healthy that you go alot and drink so much water, you are just cleaning out your body...and geepers, how much green tea are you drinking?? I would have to say too much of ANYTHING is not that good....water or green tea....their is one disorder(I am a psychologist if this helps) where a person drinks and drinks and drinks...water this is...and you have to restrain them because they will actually drink themselves to death...but dont worry i think you are prefectly fine and the amt's you drink are perfectly fine too...

if you urinate alot it may mean you diabetes and i don't think its unhealthy to drink to much water and i haven't got a clue what green tea is

I bet it is,the more you drink,the often you urinate...It's not unhealthy to drink too much but don't overdo with green tea

Ruth B
If your urine is very light coloured, it means that it's very dilute - if you're drinking a lot of fluid then you will be weeing a lot. However, as others have previously mentioned, if you are peeing excessively and always extremely thirsty, you may have diabetes, so see your doctor. Green tea will make you pee a lot because like all teas and coffees it contains caffeine, which as well being a stimulant is a diuretic - it makes you pee by affecting your kidneys and making them extract more water from your bloodstream. So if you're drinking loads of green tea, or any sort of tea or coffee, cut back to one or two cups a day and see if this makes a difference. If not, see your doctor. Although, if you are really abnormally thirsty and peeing like a horse, I would go and see him anyway. Even if it's nothing, it'll set your mind at rest.

the dakrer your urine the more impurites your body has and since you drink alot ofwater your body doesn't have anytihng to cleanse, there fore your urine is light.
It is healthy to drink water but not to much becaue it canover work your kindneysa d then you will have to go dialysis we your older.

your wee is a healthy colour, dark or smelly urine would indicate a urinary tract infection (more commonly called a UTI in the medical profession) what you are describing could be CYSTITIS. you can get over the counter medicine for this, or you can drink 200mls of cranberry juice a day, no more than 200 mls tho as it can cause stomach ulcers if you have more than 200mls daily, but it's brilliant for killing any bacteria in the bladder. or lemon barley cordial mixed with water works too. but go to your doctor if you are worried and they can test for any uti's.

see the dOctor

You could have over reactive bladder. or you could be just drinking alot. If it is overreactive bladder you need detrol or something. I dont believe drinking too much water or green tea ever hurt anyone. Be care to keep from washing out all minerals. I would take multi vitamin to help supplement what you could be urinating out

Could be diabetes. Check with an MD, asap. My brother-in-law recently died ignoring it and not going to the doctor.

cuckoo meister
drinking more water make you urinate more...but dont drink a lot of green tea

It is possible to wash out your electrolytes drinking too much water. The thing that comes to mind, however is that increased thirst and increased urination are symptoms of Diabetes. Do you have a family history or other risk factors?

It can never be unhealthy to drink water, no matter the volume. All you are doing is getting rid of the water you previously drank and you body has processed. Your frequent urination just means, you are drinking a lot of water. Nothing else.

are you drinking a lot of water if you are have you had your blood glucose monitored to make sure you are not diabetic?

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