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What does a constant low temperature mean?!!! My temp is always 96.5 degrees...?
or lower- what does this mean and is it bad?
I smoke
eat well/ exercise
"normal" weight
My hands are always cold also, is this related?

96.5 degrees - you should be dead.
40 degrees (max) - normal

If your hands are cold, it probably means the blood isn't flowing properly through them.


Yes, your hands being cold is related to your body temp as well as the fact that you smoke. But some people's temp has always been below "normal". I can't speak from a medical standpoint, but I've always been 96.7. My grandmother was the same. "Normal" is 98.6. I live in Cali, can't stand the cold. I'm sitting in a room that is currently 72, and I am freezing. If I were with my Mom ryt now, she'd say its hot and turn the heat down to 70 or 68! LOL!

Not every one has a normal temp of the same degree. If you always run 96.5 then that is normal for you. Be sure that you have not had anything to eat or drink for thirty minutes before taking your temp to get the most accurate reading.

Mine is 96.8 I asked the Dr. Totally normal. 98.6 is only an average.
Just make sure to tell Drs. when you see a new one. It is called a low grade temperature. Nothing to worry about.

The cold hands: smoking can hurt your blood circulation. That could be it.
But they aren't cold because of your temperature.

I have low body temperature due to hypothyroidism, when it's cold outside (under 70 degrees), I feel like I'm frozen from the inside out. If your hair is thinning or becoming coarse or your periods have become irregular, I think you should have your thyroid checked.

Don't stop smoking, though. That's really good for you.

regular temp is about 98 degrees so you are more on the cold side but not by much, i don't think it is related to your hands being cold because mine are cold too..you seem healthy other than the smoking, but i am pretty sure that constant low temperature is not related to your health, you seem like you are keeping your health well balanced

it all depends on where you live, what you put on in the mornings, and how you live your life.

Rick P
98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is the average body temperature for humans. It's just average. It does not mean it is a normal temperature for everyone. To your body, 96.5 may be a normal temperature. Now, if your hands are always cold, maybe there is a problem of some sort. Not sure.

Couldbe a sign of hypothyroid disease. That can be checked with a simple blood test.

One cold cookie

Jocelyn B
Depends on the cause of this low temperature... all I know is that there's been research showing that having a temperature lower than normal can increase maximum longevity (even verified with humans).

While 96.5 is a lower temperature, you shouldn't worry if you have been healthy at that temperature for a long time. Cold hands could be due to poor blood circulation. Your blood is working harder at your vital organs so your extremeties, especially hands and feet, may tend to be colder.

Juliet 18
What is normal body temperature?
Most people think of a "normal" body temperature as an oral temperature of 98.6 °F(37 °C). This is an average of normal body temperatures. Your temperature may actually be 1°F (0.6°C) or more above or below 98.6 °F(37 °C). Also, your normal body temperature changes by as much as 1°F (0.6°C) throughout the day, depending on how active you are and the time of day.

Christine P
When you smoke your circulation is slower. Like for example, if you were to put your hand in cold water for the same amount of time as a non smoker, their hand would instantly warm up again and yours would still be cold =/

But some peoples temps. are just lower. If it's a lot lower than that though, talk to your doctor.

Keep in mind that thermometers have a percent error!!!

I really don't think it's a cause for concern. My temp has always run low - about 97 and my doc says it isn't abnormal. Some people run a little lower some a little higher than what's been set to be the norm of 98.6. With the cold hands, well, could be poor circulation(are your feet cold too?) or the fact that your temp naturally runs a little low. My hands are cold often too. But you know what they say, 'cold hands warm heart' =)
It's worth mentioning to your doctor but I wouldn't consider it an emergency.

Take Care,

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