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What could cause infrequent urination?
i have only went "pee" twice since yesterday morning, once in the morning and then again about 11 p.m. last night and not since, I have drank a lot of water too and it isn't helping any.

kitty luver
see a dr. i dont know

spicy girl 1
Your probably a bit dehydrated that could cause that. A person should drink at least 8 to 10 glass of water a day more in the summer time. If you are having burning or very dark urine or have sign of blood or even smells funny you should see a doctor you probably have a UTI or kidney infection going on.

If it's hot where you are and there's no AC, you may be sweating out more than you're drinking. Drink more if that's the case, you should be peeing out about 6 glasses a day easily. If you can't account for the water you're taking in and you're retaining it, you need to get to a doc fast. You could have serious kidney problems.

u cud have sweat it all off its ok if u only pee twice....

:)Believe ~ Love:)
you have train your mind to it

Are you in a really hot place or are you physically active causing you to sweat a lot? If no, then please have yourself checked out by a doctor.

UTI maybe?

lover of Jehovah and Jesus
you better have it checked out by the doctor to make sure nothing is wrong. that is not good. keep drinking liquids

Good Grief. Drink a gallon of water every hour and see what happens. Either you will blow up and splatter yourself all over the walls or you will take a wizz strong enough to put the space shuttle into orbit.

For all we know your idea of "drank a lot of water" might be a thimble full every six hours.

you might not have drank too much
or you might have perspirated too much to go pee.

A couple of things: 1) dehydration....not enough input ; 2) uti (urinary tract infection) 3) a disease called urinary retention

Keep drinking water because you are seriously dehydrated.

you NEED to see a doctor. infrequent urination is usually tied in with kidney issues.

dont worry its normal just drink some more water
u didn't pee much coz there has to no water in ur body the water u drank must have served other purposes and it means ur body is so dehydrated that the water u take isn't coming out
just check the color of ur pee if it is yellow or brown then u r dehydrated and u have to drink more water

dehydration or your holding fluid. If you have swea ted a lot probably A. If you have bloating and swelling probably B. If A Keep drinking things like Gatorade, propel.. If B see an MD. Have a good one:-)

Kidney problems.

You haven't said anything about the weather condition where you live. If it's hot then your body is already losing water though sweat and you don't need to pee. If it was just a one day scenario then you have nothing to worry about.

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