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What causes you to urinate more than you should?
Ive not been drinking enough to cause me to go this much and it doesnt sting and colour is clearish
Additional Details
two things

ian h

rock star
nerves are you nervous about something

Apple juice drinks

Gerard K
There are times where you urinate more than normal.. Its ok if it doesnt happen every week or so.. I drive for a living and the odd time it happens to me..There are days when Im bursting to go every hour or so and its very irritating.. I believe you can get a chill in your kidneys that can trigger it.. It usually passes and by the 2nd or 3 rd day your back to normal flow.... If the condition persists you should see a doctor..

Joe Kool
Too much beer or too much coffee.


There are a number of conditions which can cause this, diabetes being one of them. See your doctor for urine tests.

If its clear and you haven't been drinking lots of water then sounds like an infection yes. Nip an early morning sample to your docs for testing, actually take 2 and have one pregnancy tested too if that could be a reason.

Get your kidneys checked, I started having to rise in the night and soon I was getting up for a stroll into the toilet at least five times every night shedding copious amounts. It turned out my kidneys have shot it probably due to all the diclofenec pain killing tablets I have swallowed on doctors orders. My doctor has died so I can't ask him about it...... Good Luck......

These three symptoms may indicate pregnancy.

Hedge Witch
More salt in your diet than you normally have?

Too many answers for this and the only one that you should follow is go see your doctor.

Could be an infection go see the nurse at your doctors she will be able to help you

spongebobs biggest fan

im thinking about setting up a tent over the toilet im in there soo much

being diabetic can make you need the loo all the time

if you think your either of those see a doc!

pregnant much?

Brutally Honest
Maybe you ARE drinking more than you realize, or perhaps you've been eating foods that have a high water content (many fruits for example). However, sometimes the body just purges excess fluid that its been retaining. If it continues to be a problem, see your doctor.

Possibly a urinary infection.

Could be onset of UTI Urinary Track Infection or Bladder infection, doesnt have to burn or sting right away, drink cranberry juice

cold weather. possibly diabetes, urine infection, dieting, eating lots of fruit and veg and not much else. could be several reasons, if it is accompanied by excessive thirst or tiredness or weight loss or gain or continues for a few days i would see your gp.

There could be many reasons. Have you decreased your sodium intake? Minimal sodium can cause more urinary output. Do the liquids you are drinking have a diuretic effect...like caffeine, alcohol, etc.? Are you diabetic (or could you be diabetic)? Out of control blood sugars can cause increased urine. Are you on a new medication that could increase your urine output? Are you pregnant (or could you be pregnant)? Pressure on the bladder can have you going more often. Any chance of kidney disease?

Some of the problems are harmless...others are not...or at least are a warning sign of a problem. It is never a bad idea to have something like this evaluated by your doctor.

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