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What causes someone to sleep longer than 8 hours?
For example, I will often sleep 12 hours.

the optimal sleepimg time is 8, the more you sleep, the more you give effort. as a result, your daily energy that you gain by sleeping, is getting lower.

Bridget A
Sleeping late is something I do all the time. Sometimes it's just plain 'laziness' on my part,but it can be depression. CFS(chronic fatigue syndrome)lots of stuff. i pretty much agree with some of the other answers I saw on here. mental fatique, worrying, etc.

the tycoon
u wud b'com lazy....

Elephants 4 Life
The more energy you expell, the more energy you have... The same is true in reverse.
'Laziness begets laziness'

Best Answer
An ordinary male should sleep 6 hrs.
A female sleeps for 7 hrs.
A child sleeps for 8 hrs.
An infant sleeps 9 hrs.
A fool sleeps 10 and more hrs !!!

It is not my own wordings, scientists found out.

Gowher Rashid C
after getting up he wouldnot be able to concentrate in his work.

Codey S
fatigue more ur tired long u sleep

Syed S
These answers are full of information. Take it or you are dumb!

Mike is lost
being lazy usually


Orpheus G
Not sleeping for three nights?

Depression. Laziness. Disease/sickness. Hangover.

PaPa SmurF

Many things can cause it, including disease or depression.

How long has this been going on?

Try taking your temperature. A low-grade fever may indicate you are fighting an infection of some sort. We sleep more when we're fighting an infection or other disease because our body is able to produce more anti-bodies when we sleep. That's what helps us to get better. If you have a low grade fever, make an appointment with a doctor.


Maybe it has to do with the amount of light (natural and artificial) that comes into the sleeping area.

Also the amount of physical activity one does in a day plays a part, especially if one is not used to doing physical activity.

Justine W

Exhaustion, stress, depression

kids often sleep longer

very tired

b.johne k
i sleep 10 sometimes more depending on the activities needed for the week if it less than 8 one day soon i will make up for it i use to suffer from insomnia go figure i have epilepsy now so the meds help slow me down to sleep that's crazy they say alot of Gemini's suffer from epilepsy

i love brett!
i think it depends on how your day was yestarday like my day yesterday was long and tireing so i slept long

Brian A
I don't know, but I would love to sleep for 12 hours.

this is because you are young and you don't have anything to do... it's normal for young people to sleep a lot... They spend all their time thinking hard about futile stuff, so it drain all their energy.

April H
some people need more sleep then others but depression can cause you to not want to get up, and if you sleep too much then it just makes you more tired, when you wake up for that first time get up, your routine can change


i sleep day and night when i can... i call it temporary suicide... u can leave this world but u know u can always come back... i sleep when im waiting for something or missing someone... i sleep to get out of doing things... depression.... fatigue... i sleep to rid myself of high anxiety, separation anxiety, postramatic stress disorder, and obessive-compulsive disorder... i sleep to leave my sickness behind... i sleep to forget the past... so it might be mentally for you but it could be physical too... i sleep cause i ache so bad... i sleep because i dont want to get out of bed... its normal in my family to sleep long hours... but if its becoming a problem you should check with your doctor...

Stress, anxiety; CFS( chronic fatigue syndrome) ; depression and sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, etc are some of the reasons for long hours of sleep. Another is a very active night life.

Studies found that most eating are done during the wakefulness cylce. Apparently sleeping for long hours can make you lose weight. as it prevents emotional eating.

Life ain't always easy
Fatigue for sure.

Cara G
you enjoy the awesomeness of sleep!!!!

maybe you work really hard.

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