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What causes a person to sweat alot?

Being hot

running, gym, health stuff. J/K. but there is a disease. I just dont really remember what its called. So, sorry, i'm no help.

lunatic number 100
stress, heat, nervousness.

it could be genetic.. my husband has that problem But if yousee a doctor about it. they should be able to help.

over weight,fear ,heat

McSame/Failin '08
being warm or working hard. not necessarily because its hot. you can sweat in the cold too.


There is a condition called Hyperhidrosis, which causes over excessive sweating in some people. I know this girl who has it. She always wears tank tops and open toed shoes. No matter what and she sweats so easily!!!
One day we were in the dorm watching a movie and someone had turned the heat up a little too high. But it was still comfortable. Yet she was the only one with sweat marks on her shirt. She's looking into getting some Botox treatments to cure that problem.

anxeity, nervousness...

Rocker Chick
A health problem most likely, some people just have overactive sweat glands, and medicine usually controls it.

Hot flashes, working out, heat, a lot of movement. But sweating alot can be a disorder.

Ron H
Blood sugar. Maybe time you get tested for low blood sugar.

Hypoglycemia is a state of low blood sugar levels characterized by sharp spikes in glucose after a meal followed by serious drops within an hour or two. The hypoglycemic whose blood sugar is dropping may experience dizziness, sweating, weakness, hunger, irritability and nervousness. As the level continues to drop, symptoms increase to fatigue, tremors and palpitations, and below a certain level (40 mg per 100 cc of blood; 80 to 100 mg is normal) unconsciousness is likely to occur.

Golden Smile
* Sweating responds to your emotional state. So when you are nervous, anxious or afraid, there is an increase in sympathetic nerve activity in your body as well as an increase in epinephrine secretion from your adrenal gland. These substances act on your sweat glands, particularly those on the palms of your hand and your armpits, to make sweat. Thus, you feel a "cold" sweat. Also, the increased sympathetic nerve activity in the skin changes its electrical resistance, which is the basis of the galvanic skin response used in lie detector tests.

Excessive sweating -- usually on the palms of the hand or the armpits -- that is not caused by emotional or physical activity is called diaphoresis or hyperhidrosis. It is often an embarrassing condition. The cause or causes are unknown, but the condition may be due to the following:

-hormonal imbalances (e.g., menopause in women)
-overactive thyroid gland (The thyroid hormone increases body metabolism and heat production.)
-certain foods and medications (e.g., coffee with its high amounts of caffeine)
-overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system

This condition can be treated by medications and surgical procedures.

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