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Anita R
What can you drink to get cocaine out of system, smoked 2 days ago and have to get tested tomorrow morning?
I am a recovering meth addict and I got drunk and did something really stupid, after being off meth for around 3 years, I decided to try crack cocaine. I have been trying to get on at this job for months and finally got the interview and was told if I pass the Dru & Alcohol test and background check the job is mine !!! Great timing, Alcohol is the gateway drug for me, if I hadnt drank I wouldnt have done the crack, god Im so
stupid, speaking of witch I already made ammends with GOD and if anyone out there would care to pray for me and the test tomorrow morning, I would sure appreciate. Im going back to AA. Wow this should teach me a lesson, I want this job so bad
and It would help my family so much with the finances. Once again I have screwed up. Please any suggestions on what to do to pass the test, and yes I know stay off drugs and alcohol.
thanks to anyone that can help.

Christopher K
Kiss that test bye-bye.

Remember this the next time you think about getting drunk, since you're not going to pass the test.

John L
Try a big cup of standing in the unemployment line?

Love Never Fails
There's no way that you're going to get it out of your system that fast.

I have no suggestions, but good luck to you. I hope you find your way back to recovery soon. I hope you'll manage to stay away from the alcohol from now on. It's easy to think that alcohol is harmless, which for the most part it is, but we,(you aren't the only one. ), tend to make bad decisions when intoxicated.

(Wow look at all the Holier Than Thou Sheep flock to this one - Azzhats)

Joe Palooka
Coke only stays in your system for 3 days. You may be alright. I'm sure they'll tell you if you're not.

Stephanie R
Should be out already but just drink lots of water hospitals make you drink a charcoal substance (believe me takes everything out of you)

try to find some kind of system flush at a GNC type place (vitamins and supplements store). they worked for pot for people I know but I dont know about crack....and it may not work but should increase your odds...also any type of liquids are good, because the more you urinate before a urine drop test, the better your odds of passing (again no guarantees cuz coke metabolites are with you for 3 days on average). good luck with the job and you recovery! and you'll be in my prayers. as a former addict (to regular coke) I feel for you.

Unfortunately you most likely will not pass that test. I do wonder if you were sabotaging yourself or setting yourself up for failure. And no offense if you relapsed you don't know how to stay off of drugs and alcohol. I do give you props though in admitting you have a problem and going back to AA.

Aurora P
You can't get the drug out of your system that quickly, that's why employers do these tests.

I will be praying for you though!

To bad you didn't get that call a day sooner. You are definately not going to pass a drug test. There isn't anything you can do about it.

Sharon T
I am sorry to tell you but cocaine is usually in your system at a minimum of three days. Drug Tests check for metabolites of cocaine and not cocaine it's self. There is nothing you can take other than to quit using.

Temmah B
I'm really sorry, but you are not going to pass that test...

You just failed the drug test

I am a recovering addict....please get help....

Im afraid to say you cannot get that coke out of ur system in time
Even bad quality coke can stay in the system for ages.

Sorry, but great to hear how far you've come. My sister was a heroin addict for years. she managed to get clean but she relapsed and died four weeks ago. i know you know this, but stay clean and healthy for your family's sake.

Good luck mate


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