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What can help you stop throwing up or stop feeling like you have to throw up?
I know coke syrup use to be a big thing but is there anything else?... store or home remedies welcomed.

mo m

Drink water or rest. Take Tylenol.

Smelling salts work. It's what marathon runners to when they feel like they're about to throw up. I heard drinking milk helps too. I'm not sure about that one though.

there could be a serious medical problem there hon, you should think about going to your doctors and asking them for help. :-)

take some PEPTO BISMOL then have soemone knock you out and lay you on your stomach and when u wake up....... BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

High Cotton

eat bread and theres something called brioski its italian
my familys been useing it for years they have it in a italian deli

sipping tea or soda, try laying down or putting your head between your legs, if your throwing up repeatedly you might have a stomach bug if you dnt stop throwing up go to a doctor it could be more serious

anti-acids. i think also things like bread and stuff with no dairy and stuff helps too.

We always give the kids Ginger Ale when they are feeling sick. Seems to work and helps them keep food down as well.

are you pregnant? drunk? or diarea?

or theres a medication out there that is a script called Phenagon(Sp)

Dionne J
Sometimes eating a little table salt will help. That's what settles your stomach from eating saltine crackers; while giving your tummy a starch to work on, too. Eating or drinking ginger anything is good. Sipping something warm as you can stand is good. Soda like root beer or coke is good in soothing your stomach.

Pedialyte popsicles, Powerade, Gatorade, and things as such are good after the vomiting is long over with. Usually the electrolytes are low in the body after repeated vomiting and they need to be replenished.

BUT, doctors will tell you only clear liquids should be consumed during vomiting episodes. Also eating something like toast or bland soups are allowed until you feel better. No juices or anything sugary. If there is persistent vomiting you should seek professional help. Taking medication is sort of tricky while vomiting. If it is a pill, it won't stay in long enough to help you out. You have a better chance if its a liquid. I don't know about you, but smelling Pepto makes me want to hurl sometimes! So you might want to get a store brand. I hope this will help you in the long run.

*don't try* consecrated mandrake will stop you from throwing up. and most other things too.

Dj Conquest
gravol , tums, pepto bismol.
gravol is the best.
there are many anti-nausea , anti-vomit pills/drugs that are available OTC

Maybe Alkeseltzer or Tums? Maybe some ginger, it's supposed to help with digestion/ease your stomach? Like candied ginger, since you probably don't want to make a meal with it...

I also used to like Chamomile tea when I was younger and sick. But if you drink tea, just drink herbal tea, not black or green or anything.

Kevin P
ummm i think by smellin achohol cuz the strong smell it has i think not sure hope it helps :)

In all honesty , but unfortunalty the governement and alot of people are or brainwashed the mass to think its really bad ect ect but its a natural plant , and like other plants it has some useful qualities in such occasions. Marijuana - Cannabis is very good to relieve stomach pain and to bring back appetite.

Female truck driver
sometimes nausea is caused by fatigue or severe lack of sleep. If you can settle your stomach Enoch to get a decent rest it might aleviate the nausea all together

The scent of lemon or ginger (I find dill calms my stomach)

If it's because of a hangover and your even throwing up water your body needs some light easy to digest food to restart the digestive process. Chicken soup works well. I tried this after my worst hangover ever in Vegas and it stopped me from vomiting. If your just sick here is a page that should help you greatly: http://www.susangaer.com/studentprojects/vomit.htm

Fe Fi Fo
Cheese crackers & 7-up

ginger is a time proven method,
ginger ale, candied ginger, ginger tea, anything available should help.
they even proved that on mythbusters actually

Anti-nausea medicine...and don't eat or drink anything too strong, try some ginger ale or Coke and saltine crackers

DRAMAMINE - This can help if your nausea is caused by dizziness or feeling off balance.


Ginger root is widely used as a digestive aid for mild stomach upset and is commonly recommended by health care professionals to help prevent or treat nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness, pregnancy, and cancer chemotherapy

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