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What are the most comfortable shoes for standing all day? (9 hours)?

War Veteran
Combat boots...I love them!

I prefer not to use shoes and have my toes in the sand for 9 hours. :)

Flip Flops =]

tennie shoes or slippers :)
Miss Regulus Black

curious cat
a silly fad, but super comfortable.....CROCS....ugly (in my opinion, but sooo great to work in)...they're coming out with a bunch of new designs now I think...here's a link to the website (pretty affordable too)

robert KS LEE.
any sort of shoes with flat bottom like slipper n sandal.

I have never found a good shoe that allows you to stand for hours, but I have found some good shoe inserts that really help alot and keep the feet from aching too bad. Go to any good athletic shoe store (Finish Line, Foot Locker, etc) and take the shoes that you normally wear or purchase a pair there and tell the sales person that you stand on your feet for several hours a day and you need a good shoe insert. I did that at the Finish Line and my shoes are very comfortable and allowed me to walk for hours at Walt Disney World. Oh, by the way, I wear New Balance shoes almost exclusively. They are the most comfortable for me.

a well fitted flat rubber soled shoe...be sure to put in an orthopaedic insert...it gives you a little extra support

i stand on my feet for 10 hrs so I know ur pain...go to ***** Sporting Goods they have a thing there that u walk on and it tells what shoes are best for you walking and your feet. I did it and my feet have never felt better!

It depends on the arch of your feet. Trace your feet and if your feet are really straight with barely any curve or arch (like mine) skater shoes like vans and DC are really comfy. Just go accordingly. Also check the cushion of the shoes.

Reebok Classics.

Air Force Ones

New Balance! They're not pretty, but they are damn comfortable.

Flats, they have some really cute, stylish ones at Old Navy. Chucks are good too. Wedges might be comfy too... i never really stood all day, except at the state fair and i'm always wearing sneaks!

It has to be a shoe with great arch support. I used to stand on cement floors 10 to 11 hours a day and my feet were killing me. I was buying very cheap shoes at the time. Finally decided I had to spend the money on my feet. The comments on New Balance tennis shoes are right on, they are good. Nurses shoes are great also. A lot of tennis shoes that cost a little more($40 to $70) have great arch supports. I have a pair of Sketchers that I can walk for hours in. Go for anything that has a great arch support, that's where the comfort is.
Easy Spirit is a great shoe, also.

Cobbie Cuddlers or Rockport. If you can't find a comfy pair of shoes you could try Dr. Scholls gel inerts.

brittany k
i love my new balance tennis shoes. i am a waitress and they are so comfortable. they are your best bit.

*queenfairy1*Antioch California
have you checked out the stores that doctors and nurses buy their shoes? I have and they have some nice ones.

Memphis Lawdog
It depends on how you stand. Most people stand with their weight distributed primarily on their heels. If you fall into this catagory, a running shoe would work best for you. If you put more weight on the balls of your feet, a crosstrainer or walker would do you better.

Baby!! =)
I like Converse guys' shoes, really comfortable. pretty much any brand of guys' shoes. BUT a sports brand like Adidas, Nike, Fila, etc. those shoes are like walking on a cloud!

josh w
I am a brick mason and am on my feet all day and believe it or not i found that a good pair of new balance tennis shoes are the most comfortable shoe to wear when your on your feet all day.

Mark R
who stands on there feet a lot and does a lot of running around? nurses!!!!!! try nursing shoes they work great and help with ankle support and lower back pain as well as fatigue and they come in all colors good luck and enjoy


new balance

New Balance...I stand on my feet all day with them on and they're wicked comfy!!! a lil expensive but well worth it

tennis shoes are definetly the most comfortable shoes for standing all say if they are good ones. I just spent a bit more on new American Eagle shoes, but they are worth it. Just finding shoes that support your feet.

pink and fluffy BUnnY slippers

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