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What's the longest time someone has stayed awake with no sleep?
Yeah what's the longest time someone has stayed awake with no sleep? What was there name and age?

And if I wanted to break the record, how could I get in the world record book?

Also if i tried to break it would I ever pass out or die?

♥Pretty In Plaid♥
Wow, this is a really confusing question. I would answer it but it's too hard. And before ya do the record, i suggest you try to summarize it or explain wat ur talkin about in an easier way.

one whole day

Maolisa Meko
I heard that if you go five days with no sleep at all then you die.

I've stayed awake for two days. I fell asleep in my chair once while I was with friends XD!!!!

Meko, age 18

ummmm.....like..... 12 hours....idk....depends...my mom once got like, 24

5 days

life iz good
OK i only have reference to your last question, you shouldn't do it because its probably a huge record and it would be days, weeks, months, and Ive heard of years. its an abnormal disease. and if you want to stay up for a long time no energy drinks or caffinated beverages, stick with water and plenty of showers and things to do! stay fresh!

dunno but it been proven its no way healthy and can do serious brain damage

idk google it

research said that if you stay up for more than 72 hours you can be brain washed, or have brain damage.

bob B
Actually guiness wont publish the record because they wont publish anything that may affect your health, you may get brain damage or loss of memory ext. Give it s ahot, but you wont be recognised

Math Poster Girl
from about 10 am to 1am so not that long, I get grouchy! But I looked it up online and the longest anyone has gone is 11 days!

I remember reading once that after 3 days your body gets sleep whether you know it is sleeping or not. You just kind of sit there with your eyes open zoned out.

I was up for 41 hours...had a church lock in...and then a birthday party sleepover type thing...

try going to the Guinness book of world records online, lack of sleep can cause a lot but more likely something like hallucinations, nervous system instability and whatnot but not death or organ failure your body will shut itself down before that unless drugs are involved. hope this helps u =)

Yahoo Makes Me Mad
I stayed up for 16 days.... It was drug induced and I'm obviously not dead, but I don't recommend it. You will have to use speed to keep you awake, there is no way your body will stay up naturally for that long. Every heard the saying "I'm so tired I can't sleep" it's true... It really messes up your body's balance.

jimmys babi girl
Mine was like 36 hours and I am 16.

I dont know the longest but I am sure wikipedia has it.

If you want to get in the book you have to contact them and they will send an adgent to monitor what your doing and make sure you dont cheat.

I am sure after you broke the record, you would pass out but I never heard of someone die from a lack of sleep. It isnt healthy, but no death isnt a side-affect.

i think you would have to call a record book and someone would watch you for how ever long. i dont know the record though. And it is impossible to die from not going to sleep.

she's pretty much amazing™
you cannot set the world record anymore because you will not be featured because they have stopped uincluding health threatening things such as this

I'd say after about 2 days of no sleep, you'd be extremely weak. You'd be close to nodding off no matter what's going on around you. You'd be grouchy, and clumsy, and worst of all, you'd probably start hallucinating.

And you'll most likely pass out, after long enough, regardless of your surroundings.

If not, you'll probably be susceptible to injuring yourself, becoming ill, or inflicting some minor brain damage.

who knows, ask a meth addict.

andy Gardner holds a Guinness world record for the longest period of time a human being has intentionally gone without sleep not using stimulants of any kind. In 1964, as a 17-year-old high school student in San Diego, California, Gardner stayed awake for 264 hours (11 days).

8 days. I've done it 3 different times. Once when I was 12, once when I was 17, and once when I was 19(I'm 20 now). I have a lot of difficulty sleeping. The last time was the worse because I was going on a trip with 250 other people from my college and I wanted to sleep sooo badly but couldn't. I stayed awake the ENTIRE trip without a bit of sleep.

I work in a hospital, and see folks that come in after drug binges, like cocaine and methamphetamine. The longest I've seen someone stay awake is 7 days. I've heard people claim longer, but cannot verify their claim like I can by looking at the chart the patient.
I do know of an experiment conducted by UCLA that involved placing a rat in a chamber that would spin and shock the rat every time it started to fall asleep. The purpose was to see how long the rat could go without sleep and the effects that loss of sleep had on the rat's brain wave patterns and behavior. After three days, the brain wave patterns changed considerably. After 18 days, the rat died.

266 hours. Read the article link below and think again.

No you cannot get the record NOW. As far as I know, they have removed that category as it is dangerous to the health of the competitor.

11 days of sleep will cause someone to hallucinate as the brain neurons starts to shutdown or die out of rest deprivation. As time passes by, the brain itself would cause REM sleep if you don't get sleep.

Also, TRUE sleep deprivation as far as I know is yet to be done without the aid of sleep. Because even I who has chronic insomnia can stay awake for 5 days but I am not without any sleep because even what I think was a blink lasted for 15 seconds. Sleep is needed and the body would do everything to get it, even if it knows something bad will happen if you go to sleep (such as in the streets)

And the longest I think is 11.

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