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WHY DO I FEEL ILL ON red bull????
im drinking red bull and have nearly finished but i feel sick....y???

It's a stomach bomb.

The taurine makes me feel gross just thinking about it.

Too much caffine. What else have you drank today? Coffee? Tea? Pop?
Have you eaten anything lately? Eating something may make you feel better. Try a sandwich.
I can't drink more than 1 to 1 and a 1/2 cups a day. That's my caffine limit. I drink water the rest of the time.

may be you can try other things which make you feel good

bobby w
too much caffeine that why u will fell sick

You may have taurine intolerance.

technical difficulties
it's jammed full of caffiene.. drink some orange juice and lay down a few.

it's crap...


Look at the ingredient list. Try something natural for a change. There are some fabulous teas on the market and and the bloody Brits have been using them for a millenia as a midday pick-me-up.

no vodka in it dude

Red Bull in my opinion is nasty! But I also think another "Energy drink" taste gross. BUT Red Bull is not good for you because it speeds up your heart ad can cause heath problems.

Its very sickly almost like syrup. You probably drank it too fast & the caffine is making you feel sick

i drink red bull with vodka,it really peps me up if im off out after work but my heart ends up thumping like mad after a few and i begin to feel groggy..must be all the caffeine?

Jorge R
the rush of caffine.... you should try drinking half of it or slowly drink it as you need the energy...

If you drink a lot the caffeine can REALLY screw you up. Try drinking water to subdue the side effects.

because its crack in liquid form!

a form of mad cow disseese?

Probably because you're not accustomed to heights :-)

its because of its taste. Its awful. I hate it.

caffeine rush,may be to blame,it's not good for u

Red Bull contains a lot of caffine.

And sometimes your system just rejects certain food and drink.

There are *Loaddds* of reasons why you could be feeling sick.

Try leaving out the vodka!

I drink it quite often , normally before i go to the gym. It gives me a boost, especially as I don't drink coffee so my body is not accustomed to caffine. I have never felt sick after drinkling it though...

u cud be sensitive to the amount of caffine that is in RED Bull

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