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jean b
Stopped smoking 4 months ago still getting cravings is this normal?

Well done just hang on in there ///

My parents stopped 4 years ago and still get cravings occasionally.

So yes, you are normal.

I stopped just over 3 years ago and every so often I quite fancey a smoke... thogh not crave it and it don't bother me.

Every so often you will get cravbings but you CAN and WILL get through it!
My cravings stopped arount 6 months and from then on, it was soooooo easy!!

Keep with it! You'll be glad you did!
And well done!!!

No! Smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages are not normal for your health. It's because smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages may effect your sense of good health and your sense of will-power. You gotta stop your cravings, they might effect your health and your will-power!!!!

Still 'fancying the odd ciggy' is going to be with you for the rest of your life I'm afraid but what you have to see is that you haven't given anything important up, you have gained an extra day in your life for each time you choose to ignore the craving!
Keep on being healthy and choosing to live your life longer for your loved ones.

congrats! and yes tis normal.....even dreaming out it in your sleep is normal

Joyce W
yes. the addiction is also connected to our habits and emotions. Particular actions (like taking a break at work) still are connected in our minds with smoking. Also, there could be nicotine build up in your system that is not helping the cravings. Have you tried a sauna or taken up activities that "sweat out" the toxins?

Yeah, just be strong.

Yes, the Cravings are always gonna be there But remember how u felt when u smoked, climbing them steps, taking a walk. You have the power, in your heart and mind.

Yes, you have to be aware of the triggers, having a drink, after a meal etc. Periods of stress and being with other smokers can also present temptation. The anti smoking zealots have no idea how difficult it is for some people to stop. Why don't you promise yourself a cigarette tomorrow, but it's a promise that you never keep of course.

i stope'd smoking five years ago, and i still have a craving for a cigarette,but it soon go's dont be tempted just stand by somone who smells of smoke and that will cure you they stink......

I gave up 5 months ago having read Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking and I highly recommend it. I smoked for 20 years and thought I'd never give up but this book changed my life. It is still normal to get cravings, though this book will change your way of thinking and should help you a lot. Saying that, I still think (and even dream!) about smoking every now and then and just a couple weeks ago while drunk at a BBQ I had a couple puffs on a cigarette...it was horrible and all it did was remind me why I'd given up. Go buy this book, it's brilliant! Keep it up!

That's normal. I quit 4 years ago and still get cravings in certain situations, like out at a bar or at my chain-smoking best friend's house. Just remind yourself that you've made it this far and there is no reason to start again. Also, you may want to avoid some places if you seem to get cravings in certain situations or locations. Keep it up.

I had similar problems until I had 2 sessions of hypnotherapy, now I have had no cravings at all for well over a year.

Yes. You will have cravings forever. My Mother in Law quit 20 years ago and says she still wants one with a cup of coffee.

My mother still craves cigarettes from time to time, and she quit a few years ago by now. Hang in there! It is totally normal; they really are nasty, addictive things...

hell yea i always get them

my dad quit for 7 years now and he still gets craving every now and then! so I'd say it's normal!!!!
good luck

Yes this is normal , get Allen Carr's easy way to stop smoking (it works) , also when you think you would like a cig have another read at another page that will take craving away.
Or you only need to smell others or look at ash trays full that will make you think again,also
money lots of it to treat yourself with, with what you will save staying off cigs it has worked for me , the price puts me of now so please try hard and you will be telling others to do the same in no time, Lott's of luck for the non smoking future

Trevor h
Yes - don't give in to them though - you would be SO disappointed in yourself if you did..
They do go away completely eventually, just hang on in there.

yes, perfectly normal, I stopped ( again) 10 weeks ago, I still fancy one from time to time! Just have to use willpower to overcome

start 6-22-06 summer time Mom
yes, my Dad said it took him about 6 months
but he stuck w/ it & has not smoked for 9 years !
If he can do it so can you he had smoked for 30 yrs .
Best of luck


Yes, you will still have cravings for a long time, but they will become less intense. I used to smoke only moderately, then quit altogether; but even now, years and years later, I occasionally think, wow, I'd like to have a smoke. It is a serious addiction. Hang in there!

Peter D
ye a smoker never stops being a smoker he just quits smoking!

yes u will craving for at least three years.

Wow! congrats! that takes a lot of willpower!! i'm sure that's all part of it! awesome!! keep it up!

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