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Stomach Hurts ALL the time!! HELP!?

I have stomach pains all the time, more like nausea then sharp pains, i don't really get those, I eat reguraly so i know its not my eating habits i don't eat terribly bad foods, just the norm, My sleeping pattern however is not in sync right now but my stomach has been hurting for the past 4 months. Its just right in the middle of my stomach nothing hurts worse than others, it hurts everywhere the same, I 'm kinda worried, i'm only 17 if that helps? any answers would be well apperciated!


get measured for the box


alison l
maybe you have an affection. go see the doctor.

Lulu Li
In those spast four months, if you had sniffles and kept sniffling them down. You know they go down straight to your stomach right?????? I have the sniffles right now, and i'm scared to sniffle it down wholy. I know I sound gross. I lie down and clutch a pillow to my stomach. Then I hear a groaning that I know does not come from hunger. I lie down and drink a lot of fluids. So I reccomend you to drink a lot of fluids. It helped me.

I hope this Helps!

it might be appendicitis

go to the doctor

I think you need to see a doctor. He would need to run some tests on you to see what is causing the pain. You could even be bleeding internally. Is you stool--bowel movements--very dark??--a sign of blood in the stool.

kiko s
Number 1 drink plenty of water.
Number 2 go to the doctor immediately,say to the doc what do you feel and where exactly does it hurt.

I feel so sorry for you i hope you get well soon in the meantime i would go to the doctors

im sure youll be fine soon

bye and good luck

I would go to the doctors if I were you....they would be able to find out what it is and probably cure it

Now a Heel
kikos is right

im sorry you are in pain. it may be your gallbladder. you said you feel nausea? do you have any bloating or gas pains? you should probably tell your parents to take you to get checked out. good luck and feel better soon

Honey, you could have gastritis or it could be something else. This is not something you should wait around with any more, it has gone on unresolved for long enough. I know you are worried but you should get to a doctor right away. If its nothing, its nothing, but if is is something better to know and know early while there is time to do something about it. DO NOT WAIT ANY LONGER.

it could be an ulcer, in that case it can be dangerous so go and get checked up

mort t
Don't you think it would be better to ask a doctor than some strangers on yahoo answers? There's no way for some one to tell whats wrong with out looking. get to a doctor. good luck.

The Diggity
GO TO A DOCTOR! If it is nothing serious, I would try herbal, then detox. Go to the healthfood store and get some ACIDOPHILOUS. Keep the pills in the fridge and follow the directions - they help tons and make your system operate cleaner. If that doesn't work, I would get a product called COLONIX - it's an internal cleansing product that kills the parasites in your system and eliminates undigested food etc from your intestines.

I am experiencing this at the mo, lots of wasted journeys to the GP, now have an appointment with a gastroenterologist for next week and a CT scan

good luck

see a doctor!!!! i mean seriously, thats what they are there for!!

Digital Age
You need to go to a gastroenterologist asap.

Gary D
You should probably see a doctor. Pain is a sign of a problem, and a sure sign you should go.

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