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Sometimes i get sweating, light headed, dizzy,my hands and legs shake...what could it be?

Mand P
A panic attack (anxiety)

panic attacks??
lack of sugar??

canada grl
have you missed a meal...are you eating regularly? either that or you could be diabetic, are you urinating a lot or very thirsty? can you pin it down to any particular time of day? go to the doc.

It is symptoms of general weakness. Do you eat good food?
As well check your blood pressure, it could be low.

or maybe you are dehydrated. a few cup of water a day can help if not go to see a doctor

maybe its your period?

tell your mum to stop tickling you Elmo

Jon C
Its just an orgasm. Relax and enjoy it.

diabetes maybe or just low blood pressure, see your doc

Kirks Folley
It sounds like stress and the more you worry about it the worse it will become try to relax and do breathing exercises, hope you recover and enjoy life again

english bob
lack of sugar?

Sounds like you're low on blood sugar (glucose). Go to your local pharmacy ask get some glucose tablets. Chew one or two and walk around a bit to get the blood flowing, and soon start feeling like your normal-self. Keep some tablets with you for those lousy days when you just simply have no time to eat. I do.

ned more info to answer that. others have given possibilities ok

I get this if I do anything too strenuous after a big meal. The only cure for me is to eat chocolate bars as quickly as possible. As soon as I swallow the first bite, I can feel the attack fading.

So I'd go with the lack of sugar theory.

are you eating properly,as this happens to me if i dont eat breakfast.

This can happen for various reason. If for your sugar level is low or not eaten for some time panic attack palpitation low or high blood pressure and so on. It is advisable that see your doctor just to make sure nothing serious to worry about. make sure he send your for blood and urine test.

Maybe low blood sugar? Go see a doctor...

sound like low blood sugar...you need to eat more frequently this could cause you to pass out

hell oh
hypoglycemia - (fancy name for low blood sugar), common - just change what you eat - eat more small meals, spread throughout day so that your body doesn't go without fuel for an extended period of time (people will stop complaining about your mood swings also)

Having a knee trembler

graham f
it could be a number of things but none of them are bad and all are very treatable. go see ur doctor

Lisa E
It could be anything from a panic attack, to hypoglycemia...blood pressure issues, or a respiratory infection. Go to a doctor and tell them what's going on. Trust me on this...I waited to go once because I thought it was all in my head, and it actually was. What I mean is...I had an anyerism that burst. The problem was...the symptoms were the SAME as a sinus headache so I blew it off for a long time, until worse things started happening. So...be safe rather than sorry. Good luck!

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