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Lucy S
Should you make your bed as soon as you get up in the morning?
My boyfriend said that if you make your bed as soon as you get up it spread germs, bugs etc and that you should wait until its cooled down until pulling the cover over. Does any one know any websites to confirm this? I dont actually believe it!

No, just leave it as is until night time when you're going back to bed. It saves you time in pulling the sheets all over again.

i never make my bed!

hehehehehe..... so i guess i have yet another reason not to make my bed..

Thank your boiffy for me...

No, but seriously, i dont think there is any justification to that, its just probably an old habit that was passed down from his mom's mom's mom's mother.. and i tell you, should they trace it back they find there was just some incident or fairy tale that started that whole myth..

Michael H
It doesn't matter. People consider when to make the bed when they have nothing to look forward to during the day.

I suggest you forget it before it heads to a blazing row and split up

Although, now I think about it, it does sound logical...I'll go discuss it with my wife........

Discussed it: she says i'm boring and is going to leave me

That`s stupid and untrue.

That sounds like a load of rubish to me (no offence to your boyfriend!) Its probably a myth or an old wives tale although I've never heard of it. Surely the "bugs" will still be there even after the duvet has cooled down? If thats the case surely it would be beneficial to make the bed when you get up so you can get all the bugs out the duvet and have a clean bug free bed when you got o sleep that night!! I make my bed as soon as I wake up but that just because i like it to look tidy!

Should do.

Really? So it justifies my not making-bed at all. Haha.

i never make my bed, never did. I felt vindicated when i heard that leaving the bed to air as long as possible is much more hygenic and healthier.

I never put off for later, what I can do now! If I don't do it as I get up I will end up being busy and /or not finding the drive to do it later. Screw those germs, if they exist, they will survive anyways until I do the laundry. Sweet dreams to the bugs!

lee b
people are to worried about germs, without these lovely little blighters you wouldnt have an immune system.....

june l
No.Always leave the covers back with the window open for at least one hour before you make up the bed to prevent bed bugs multiplying.
Bed sheets should be washed at least once weekly.

Your b/f is just lazy and he's tricked you into thinking this so that you never get annoyed that he never makes the bed.
Buck his ideas up for him the lazy so and so.

You should make the bed but wait about an hour with the covers pulled right back. The reason for this is that the human body loses water through the night in the form of sweat etc., and the bed is best aired (preferably - weather permitting - with a window open). In a less humid atmosphere, there is less likelyhood of creating a nice haven for bed bugs etc.

You should always make your bed but you should also put clean sheets on every week.

My Gran and Mother used to say that you had to air the bed as soon as you get out of it to allow the bacteria to escape, then make the bed after breakfast. To be honest i've never aired the bed and always make it as soon as i'm up.

Tracy J
I was always taught to throw back the covers and let it 'air' before it's made...don't know if it helps the bugs or gets rid of them, it gets rid of the smell of hubbies cheesy feet though...

it is good practise to turn the bedding down and to air the bed.... I usually make the bed up and turn the duvet down so that it is neatly folded on the bottom third of the bed, then in the evening before I go to bed I pull it back tot the head of the bed.....

ur b/f is dead right .. never make it straight away ... first thing is to pull sheets down ...open the widows this airs the bed and kills all bed bugs .... they hate the cold it kills them .... hoover ur bed once a month .... so yes hes right

your boyfriend is right to a certain degree. Bed bugs love a bed to be made. They thrive in a warm environment. I have been told that if you have allergies to them that you should leave your bed unmade or better still remove the quilt in the morning. I have been folding my quilt down at the end of my bed and my sneezing and blocked noses in the mornings have gone :)

Open the window first, Shower, when you are cooling down before dressing, shake the bed clothes and air the bed. Or the Germs will be busy and nice and warm all day ready for your return. Bless your boy friend, but the bed must be aired.

i dont think its true

iv neva made my bed and i dont begin to start now

who cares its a mess again the following day aint it?

Storm Rider
You should pull the covers right down off the mattress and leave them upside down. Open the window to air the room.

You lose about a pint of water in sweat each night and you need to get your bedding aired and dry. If you don't do this, well ughhhhh.

It is fine to make the bed after about an hour.

Also you need to wash your pillow after about 3 months and relace it every 6 months.

zara c
What kind of a man are you with!!
My Mummy always told me to make my bed, but I never did, so I must let her know just how right your boyfriend is!!
It makes a bit of sense, letting the bedding breathe.
But if he reckons you have alot of germs and bugs that are potential problems I'd move out!!!

nope needs airing

shell 27
you are meant to leave the covers off & it kills the bugs, at least thats my excuse for not making the bed!!

if you leave the covers back the moisture evaporates and bed bugs etc dry up and die so it is true


BUT...bedbugs LOVE you to make the bed. Bed bugs thrive in a warm and slightly damp environment and feed off dead human skin...a bed matches this description perfectly. However, bed bugs excrememnt causes respiratory problems in some people, especially asthmatics.

The best way to reduce or eliminate bed bugs (dust mites) is NOT to mkae your bed straight away.

To keep things tidy, just neatly fold your duvet/cover/quilt on a chair beside the bed, or an ottoman at the end of your bed.

Mmm, that's what people say. I can see how it might cause bacteria to reproduce.

When you sleep, you sweat an incredible amount. This creates a warm, wet envrionment, ideal for bacteria to reproduce, giving them food, water and warmth. If you get up and pull the cover over the bed the warm, wet environment is maintained for longer, giving them more time to breed.

If you air the bed, the water evaporates off more quickly making less ideal conditions for bacteria. However, the bacteria will also go airborne in the water vapour.

So it's your choice, cover them up and sleep with lots of bacteria in your bed or let them escape into the air and breathe them in!

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