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SEVERE BACK PAIN - Chiropractor does not seem to be helping - HELP!?
I have thrown out my back. I have seen a chiropractor this entire last week & it seems to continue getting worse. What should I do? What does this seem to be? Should I go to the hospital? What type of doctor should I go see?

I can position my body so the pain is not so severe (dull). However one slight turn of my torso will cause SEVERE "SHARP" pain. To describe the pain: My teeth bite down on each other and GRIND. That's the severeness of the pain.

Your new friend
That is because you are going to a witch doctor. What fool would go to a chiropractor? You have probably pulled a muscle in your back. It's now swollen and pressing against a nerve. You need to ice the area over and over to help bring down the swelling. Go to a real doctor to make sure. However it won't hurt to ice your back until you see him/her (20 minutes on, 20 off, repeat).

Whatever you do, don't use heat. That will make it worse.

If you have thrown out your back then soaking in a warm bath or a warm/hot shower will help. Sitting in one place too much only makes it worse, so some little walking or movement is better than freezing up. It will go away in a few days, maybe a pinched nerve. I hope you will feel better soon.

NightAnkh .
If the pain is that severe, I would suggest going to the hospital or an Urgent Care facility. You may be referred to an Osteopath, or even a Neurologist for an EMG. If it were me, I would check to see if there are any Nature Pathologists in your area too. They work wonders with acupressure, acupuncture and various other forms of treatments. Nobody can tell you what it seems to be, as it is impossible to give a diagnosis without seeing the patient. Clearly, you need to be seen by a real health care provider, other than a chiropractor. (I have little faith in them personally.)
On a pain scale, from 1 to 10; if you are between a 6 and 10, I would seriously suggest being seen, and soon.

Try a Pain Management Dr.He may advise a neurologist or an orthopedic surgeon.

Tyna S
I would see a doctor.Sometimes it isn't just moving the wrong way.If you have arthritis you could have bone spurs that have built up between the vertebra.They press on the surounding muscle causing them to swell thus causing the pain.Be sure what you have is just a strain. See a doctor.

You need to see a medical doctor. try getting a pair of MBT shoes they run about 250 but they are well worth it they heped me.

i suffer with cericelspongerlitus it very painful i used to get suiciedle but i was told to have saunas and masarge with moverlat cream i do this 3 times a week it works great the pain is less and lees server as the weeks go by it made a big diffrence in my life hope you find it works for you or something else does good luck

Sherri A
I have been there. Go see a Othropedic Dr. They will proably have you go to Pysical Therapy and then there is so much stuff they can do for you now a days.

You can do one of two things.

1. Go to see an orthopedic physician. Basically, they will check to see what's causing your pain and give you pain killers. Maybe surgery...but that's rare.

2. Before seeing an MD, try this. Lie down on a hard surface for several hours...with your back against the floor. This rests your back muscles. If you feel slightly better after a few hours of this, you probably strained a muscle. In that case, what you do is..continue resting your back this way for a few days and you will feel fine. Also, take ibuprophen if necessary for pain.

too K
go to China town and ask at the herbal shop. Sometimes they might have something for you.

See a doctor, PA, NP. Do Not go to the hospital except as a last resort. ERs are for true emergencies. If you've had this pain for a week and not gone to the doctor then you probably do not need to go to the hospital. If you don't have a primary care provider (family doctor) go to an urgent treatment type place.

You poor thing. I feel for you. I had the same thing happen to me. The hospital reall cant do anything for you. They might prescribe some pain killers, but they will refer you to your family doctor. Just make an appointment with your doctor so he can get you in for an MRI. It sounds like you have a slipped or ruptured disc. You will need an MRI to determine that. If you do, there are several treatment options. In my case it was surgury. I no longer have pain. It's been 3 years since it happend. Just make sure that you are forceful with your doctor. If you have any questions, feel free to IM me. Hope you feel better soon.

Perhaps you may consider seeing another chiropractor for a second opinion. Mine works wonders for me all of the time. And I also get massage therapy and accupunture.
When I first started seeing the chiropractor, it took over two months of work to re-align my spine. Before that, I was always having similar back problems. When I saw my x-ray, I knew that re-adjusting my spine was not going to happen overnight. And the pain does not go away right away, for the adjustments have to heal. Sometimes the pain I feel is as a result of a tender leg nerve, twisted knee, or crooked hips. And this in turn will pull and add stress to your back. So I would ensure that your chiropractor is checking to make sure your legs are even during your visits.
Now if you have been doing the chiropractic thing for awhile, what I just said may not apply to you cause you may already know that. But it also doesn't hurt to see a doctor and have some tests done like x-rays.

I would go to the hospital for some x-ray's. It's possible that you injured something that the chiropractor isn't able to fix and may even be making worse.

When I had sciatica when I was pregnant I saw a chiropractor and felt a little better with each visit and fulling functional about a week and a half into the treatment.

go see a DO. doctor of orthpedics

Sounds as a pinched nerve, sciatica. Depends on the severity it can resolve on its own with anti-inflammatory meds, you could need physical therapy or even steroids shots. See a doctor before the pain controls you. Best wishes

it does not go away in a week. your chiropractor should have explained that. he should have also explain that adjusting your back will give you pain because of moving the muscles around.

Stop going to that chiropractor immediately. He could be doing much more harm than you know.I had the same thing until one morning I got out of bed and fell right on the floor.My Dr.ordered an MRI and I had two herniated discs.Which required surgery right away. I don't mean to scare you but you need to find out just whats going on before more damage is done to your back.Best of luck to you.

Maybe try another chiropractor before going to the hospital. Physical therapy with sonogram-type waves helped my back pain. Or you could try acupuncture or hypnosis, which sound kinda hokey but have definitely helped people. If it's that bad, anything's worth trying, right?

Go to your doctor. Ask for pain reliving drugs, if its that pain-full.

you should see a neurologist. you may have injured your spinal column and could be pinching a nerve or herniating a disc.

See a doctor

Quantum-Touch , by Richard Gordon or find a certified healer.

Do not mess around with you back. You migh have a herniated disc. If the pain is too bad (which it sounds like it is) you should go to the ER.

go abd see your gp

Wow, after reading the answers that others have submitted, it is really pretty interesting the responses that you get from a scenario like yours. How do you know what is good credible information and what is poor advice?

I hope I can establish myself as somewhat credible on the topic of back pain. I work in a medical clinic alongside medical doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists. We specialize only in the treatment of back pain. In the past three years we have treated 35,000 patients. Chiropractic can be a very good treatment for mechanical low back pain. Mechanical low back is by far the most common type of back pain. Mechanical pain is from injury to joints, or muscles. A very common cause of severe pain in the back is due to an injury to a disc. Discs may herniate or bulge (depending on the severity) and create inflammation around the nearby nerve. This may or may not produce pain that goes down into either leg. Often it is associated with muscle spasms and what is called an antalgic posture. An antalgic posture is a posture that leans away from the pain. You will notice that one shoulder is higher than the other.

Obviously there are other causes of back pain. Diagnostic tests that help determine the cause of low back pain include x-rays and MRI. An MRI is the standard to evaluate disc injuries.

The question that you have about whether you should consult another doctor is simple. Anytime you have a questions about the advice your doctor gives you, get another opinion. The care you get from the doctor ultimately depends on the type of doctor you see. If you go to a surgeon, surgery is often recommended. If you go to a medical doctor, medicine is what your offered. If you go to a chiropactor, you get adjusted. The truth is most back pain resolves without treatment and neither medicine or chiropractic has all the answers for the pain that does not resolve.

If the pain is severe, see your primary care doctor. He/she can rule out any serious problems. Talk to your doctor about getting an MRI. Avoid the heat, ice helps reduce inflammation. A back brace can also help relieve pain. A visit to the ER is probably going to be a frustrating experience for you. You are unlikely going to get much from that except a prescription for Vicodin.

If it turns out that you have a herniated disc, do not think that surgery is the only answer. Surgery should only be considered as a last resort. There are now very good now surgical alternatives available. Clinics that offer this will usually describe their services as spinal decompression therapy or spinal distraction. Some machine names include VAX-D and DRX9000. My preference is the DRX9000. It is newer technology and what our clinic uses.

Best of luck to you.

I would go to the hospital.

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