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Puss Coming Out of Bellybutton! Help!?
Recently I have been noticing that a really foul-smelling puss has been coming from my bellybutton. Whenever I notice it, I get a Q-tip and clean it out, but it will continue to puss. I got my bellybutton pierced over 5 years ago, so I don't know if that has something to do with this.

Any (SERIOUS) insight you can offer is greatly appreciated. This has really started to not only annoy me, but also worry me, and I want to get this figured out ASAP! Thanks!


Oliver Dumoulin
not to be mean but who has puss coming out of there belly button? And why would you ask that on the internet? I would go to a doctor before i ask strangers online, wouldnt any1 else?

Charles WE
What do you expect when you insert a foreign object in any part of your body. Sooner or later it will become infected or worse.

I also think that body piercing is unattractive and potentially dangerous if it is ripped out of the flesh with force. There ought to be a law against self mutilation.

go to the doctor... its probably an infection

Lisa G
This is abnormal. If it is oozing from the piercing site then you could have caused irritation to the hole that eventually got infected. If it is coming from the bellybutton...it is even worse.

Either way, I would make an appointment to see a doctor.

You could be in need of antibiotics asap.

Best wishes

Well, it's probably an infection or a fungus. What you should do is get some anti-fungal cream and talk to the doctor about it. It should go away in at least two weeks.....HOPE THIS HELPS!!!! :)

Pills B.
go 2 a doctor ASAP. it can take years for an infection to occur.

D. Gray Woman
QUICK call a doctor it's INFECTED!

My belly button is pierced and was infected initally...when I first got it pierced..I just cleaned the heck out of it with peroxide and put neosporin on it constantly and it did get better eventually, but took a long time. If it happened again I'd see my doc. for some strong medecine to put on it. Plus since it's been 5 years since you've had it pierced I'd def. see a doctor just because it seems odd that it'd get infected now.. Good luck!

your puss shouldnt be coming out of your bellybutton

sounds like an infection.It could be from the piercing or trapped water from a bath/shower.Also,there was mention of this on Oprah with Dr.Oz,he said something of a cyst growing inside the belly button that can cause puss or an odor or watery like substance to come out,which would require anibiotics and perhaps a doctor to clean it out.Don't worry just go to a doctor and let him know what's going on.It's life ya know? nothing to be scared of! :)

Glosson P
talk to a doctor

Adrian Wapkaplett
when pus comes out of anything, you should have it checked. its infected!!!

Sha T
It doesn't matter how long ago your belly was pierced. It could still be infected, it's good you are cleaning it, but you should be cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide. And you should be cleaning it thoroughly. Then apply some triple antibiotic ointment to the area. Once you have done this at least one whole day cleaning the area 3x's per day. On day 2 if there is still puss go to the doctor's office, or your local emergency room for medical attention. It is better to be safe than to be sorry! Good luck i hope it is better soon, and Happy New Year to you!

it sounds like an infection, id probably go and see a doctor about it

you have an infection, take the ring out if you can and use clean boiled water, clean daily about 4 times and see a doctore it wont clear itself.... keep the inside of your button clean and dry too!

Chey O
talk to a doctor!ew

ITS INFECTED! get it removed and checked

The answer is volume. The key is to get your belly-button pierced a second time and if - after five (5) years - the puss has doubled (volumetrically) then you know you've isolated the issue.

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