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mikeys mom
Prescribed medicine says take 2 times a day. I took it at 5pm when should the next doses be? Thanks ....?

Your doses should be evenly spaced in one day, so with two doses, they should be about 12 hours apart. You should take your next dose aroung 5am tomorrow.

Sara S
probly wen you wake up or around 6:30-8:00

Been There~Done That!
Don't you have a mother or father? Or are you an adult without a clue.

Morning and night.

I believe that usually you should take it with breakfast and dinner.
If you just got the prescription today, I would probably just take your next dose first thing in the morning...
If all else fails, call your doctor and make sure you're taking the medication correctly.

take a pills 12 hours apart

just m
if its supposed to be taken twice a day, then take it twelve hours apart unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor. When it doubt ask the pharmacist or your doctor

if u hav to take the drug twice a day tat means there should be gap of 12 hr for the drusg to act properly n vitout sideefffects.so take the nxt dose at around 5 am.but i would advice u to fix a time comfortable for u.for eg.take the first dose after/be4 breakfast(as adviced) say around 8-9 n then the next after/be4 dinner(as adviced) at around 8-9.just manage vith ur time.

there are 24 hrs in a day,so take it every 12 hrs,you must decide the time to take it according to the type of medicine and if you'll be awake at those times.i would take it at 6am( the morning)AND then again AT 6pm(the evening) since you have already taken it at 5pm,your next dose will be at5am.if those times work for you stick to it,don't change it now,unless you skip the next one. call your pharmacist they will tell you if you should skip one to change the hourly time.

Kofi Quaidoo J
According to some Doctors they say that when medicine is given to you it shoul be taken in evey 6 hours. So if it is 5pm the best time will be after 6 hours.

If you sleep at night, wait and take one in the morning, then take the next one twelve hours after that.

I would ask the doctor who prescribed the medicine. It may be every 12 hours, only with lunch & dinner, who knows. The doctor should know best.

captain redbeard
1 every four hours

Unless your doctor or the instructions give you specific times or spacing, 2 times a day is normally 12 hours apart. You can do a little shifting around if needed to get in sync with a schedule that makes sense. When I was taking twice a day meds, I took the morning one at 6 AM on my way out the door and the evening one at 6 PM with dinner. If you are supposed to take with food or on an empty stomach, you will need to adjust as well.

morning and night. Try to keep them 12 hours apart. If you take it at 7 am, then try to take it at 7pm, but don't set your alarm for 5am. Unless this is a SERIOUS drug. anti biotics etc, just get on a regular schedule w/ 12 hours appart.

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