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Need fever advice for 8 year old?
My 8 year old son has been running a fever for 2 days. It was 104.2 two hours ago....I gave him motrin (I've been piggybacking with Tylenol) and a cool bath, and his fever is down to 102.6
Is that enough of a difference in 2 hours? Is it normal for kids this old to get such a high temp? Should I call his pedi? It's almost 10 pm here....will they think I'm over-reacting?

Call the doc

shoeless wonder
Call the doctor! It is not normal to have a tempurature over 100 for any amount of time. They should not think you're over reacting. They will also be able to tell you what else to do to help keep his temp down.

time to call the doc

What would it hurt to call his doctor? Better safe than sorry...and you will have more peace about it after you talk to a nurse/doctor. I think it's normal for an 8 year olds to get that high. I have a 10 month old that was running a 103-4 temp. and that was really scary, so I know how you feel!

Jenna A
102.6 is still a pretty high fever. I would call the doctor. Don't worry about whether or not the pedi thinks you are overreacting; doctors have chosen a profession that opens them up to round-the-clock questions and any decent doctor would rather have you call them than avoid doing so. I'm sure there is one doc on-call who can advise you about what to do. Or, if your insurance company has a "dial-a-nurse" hotline, he or she could advise you on what to do.

It's probably a great sign that the fever has decreased so much, but your son could have an infection that needs to be treated with antibiotics.

When you can't get his fever down and make it stay down then it's a sign of some sort of infection somewhere. Children at this age usually suffer from ear infections, it could be the 1st stages of a flu virus. If you let the temperature to high the child could go into convulsions. Ask the child where he hurts the most. He needs emergency room treatment anyway. You've done what you can and if you wait to long the consequences could be negative.

jason g
My daughter is nine,last year or so she had a high fever 103ish ,I freaked out and took her to the emergency.They gave her Tylenol and a bill for 475.00 dollars.Just make sure no mosquito bites or something outta the ordinary .Thats what they asked me.Make sure he doesn't sleep next to anyone ,due to their body heat.

I would take him to the Emergency room.
He may have an infection that requires
antibotics.Hope he feels better soon.
I do not think any doctor would think
your over reacting,your a mother.
Also,this has been going on for 2
days.Two days to long....

i'd call and get an early morning appt.. - in this heat he could be suffering from heat exhaustion which could lead to heat stroke - or he has an infection , either way you would never forgive yourself and he probably needs iv fluids - good luck

If the doctor is not available then give him baths. The temp should not be allowed to rise above 101 F. Give him Crocin or Calpol six hourly

I think that would be a good enough slow down, but you definately keep a watch on it. If you're still concerned, call the doctor. Wouldn't you rather over-react then find out you should've done more?

Desperate Seeker
You should go ahead and call his doctor. 104 fever is way to high. If it gets too high he could go into seizures. You can put a cool rag on his forehead and keep it there. I'm not sure if your suppose to do this but you could touch his pressure points with ice just for a second or two. But you don't want to bring it down too fast. My son had the same thing a little while back and all this is what I had to do.

Pina Colada
call his doc....ever watch that show called "mystery diagnosis"? if you think it's something serious, don't be afraid to call his doc and have him checked out. if he says he's fine, yet he's still running a high fever, keep persisting, and if necessary, see other docs. it's better to be too safe than sorry.

Hospital or call doc. That sounds dangerous to me and for 2 days...and still only down to 102.6? Who cares what they think, that's what the oncall docs are paid for. Call the office and they will page one. Or just take him to the ER but maybe doc phonecall will save the $ if he doesn't have to go.

At that high, I'd take him to a doctor. High fever indicates infection.

No they wont
Good Luck
Hope he gets better

Of course everyone will have a different idea, so call the on call dr and see as only he and you know your childs history. Parents do tend to panic about fevers in children, though as long as he has been keeping hydrated, and the temp is coming down even for a few hours...this is very normal for children of his age. The biggest issue and panic of a fever is the dehydration NOT fever...fever just shows you that his body is actually fighting infection. Some parents fear brain damage, again a fever would have to be well over 107 for this to even be an issue. Fevers from infection will usually never go above 105 in children.

Look on line for ANY site about children and fevers and talk to your dr..Im sure will read the same!
Just hang in there Mom, you are doing all the right things :)

Call Pediatrician. 104 is high, and it may rebound.

First of all dont give him motrin and tylenol. Secondly call the pediatrician , they wont think you are over reacting and even if they did so what its your childs health! Is he complaining of stiff or painful neck? This is the season for menengitis. Better safe than sorry. Call the pediatrician.

medicine is not enough..u need to put him to sleep & if he doesn't want to sleep then read him a bed time story..do not let him watch tv or play. he needs to rest..make him soup..

I don't think you are over-reacting. I think you need to take a deep breath and put a cold washcloth on his forehead. Try to keep him comfortable through the night and call his doctor in the morning if he is not better. If he gets worse through the night, then take him to a minor emergency clinic to see if they can help him. God bless!

make sure that you keep him drinking fluids and going pee! you really should get him to the doctor yesterday! if he doesn't drink or pee you need an emergency room visit! keep him cool the bath and Motrin or Tylenol are right things to do. (do not go over recommended dosages both meds.) call your pediatrician.

You may have to keep checking his temp every 20 minutes and bath him in teppid water for 20 minutes and keep repeating the process until his temp drops reasonably. If it doesn't seem to want to break then bring him in emergency to address your concerns.

that isn't enough of a difference. You should take him with a 104. My son used to get fevers like that when he was constipated and he was once we had to take him in for a 104 and they had to put him on an IV to get him properly hydrated before it actually broke. So try and remember anything that could have happen or not happen over the last 48 hours and take him in.

Lorraine H
yes call the dr and in the meantime is he getting enough fluids and try a cool bath. its hot here so maybe he has heatstroke and is dehydrated. you need to get that fever down to at least 99 so he is comfortable and if he can tolerate liquids he needs them if he has any pain sore throat also let the doctor know

Kiki-la - Atheati Priestess
Call a health line.

I think that temp is still a little high after 2 hours. I would call his pedi or do you have like a 24 hour nurse link. You can call and ask them questions and they will tell you what to do or refer you to someone.

Always call when it goes over 102
Who cares if they think u are over-reacting, it's their job to help you out.

just hang on there...maybe the fever will break...as long as he remains active and able to eat/drink, don't worry too much about the fever

but of course, to be on the safe side, get a doc's opinion

You should call the pediatrician immediately and/or take him to the ER. He is too old to have this high of a fever. It sounds like a bacterial infection. Do not wait any longer. He could have a strep infection- all kinds of things..........This is definitely not an over reaction......Whenever you have to alternate Tylenol with Motrin, you should call the doctor.

YES call his pediatrician! If a young child's fever reaches 101 or above, it's time for a doc to take over. You're off to a good start, but it may be something serious causing the fever. Call the after hours number, take him to the ER if you have to, but don't just sit there!

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