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My nose gets really stuffy when I lay down, how can I prevent this?
I cant tell if its allergies or if its a cold. I've tried taking nasal decongestion pills, but they dont work. Because of my nose, I cant sleep. what should I do?

try some nasal spray or some menthol put some on your nose or right underneth it and it should do the trick :D

One thing you could try is a Neti Pot, which will help clean out your sinus' before you go to bed. You use a mixture of salt(non-iodized is the best) and luke warm water in the neti pot, (it looks like a tiny teapot) tip your head to the side(ear to shoulder) hold the neti pot up to one of your nostrils and pour the mixture into your nose so the water comes out the opposite nostril. You can take breaks and blow your nose in between. Trust me it's not as uncomfortable as it sounds and works so well, especially if you have a cold. You can pick up neti pots from your health food store or even pharmacies.

♥ ąмỹ ♥
try "Breathe Right" nasal strips.

tis me!

Its me
I'd go to the doctor and get it checked out. They will probbably give you nasal spray

Roo R
I have the exact same problem. Once I sit up for a little while, it goes away, which leads me to believe that I'm allergic to something on my bed. I think it's a feather pillow. If you have any down, I'd recommend getting rid of it as a test.

ahhh that happens to me too, get some nasal SPRAY. just a few sprays up each nostril. and it clears out everything! i love it =]

i'm interested in finding out what answers you get cuz thats been happening to me. You wake up and you cant breath much cuz your nose is so stuffed and its hard to go back to sleep cuz of it. yea i totally understand what you're going through.Goodluck finding answers!

Sleep standing up, Coneheads style!

For quick easy over-the-counter relief, you might try the breathe right nasal strips. It's a spring-loaded bandage thing that helps hold the airway open, and is made for just the problem you describe.

My only complaint with these is that the outside of my nose was starting to get irritated after wearing them a few nights in a row. I don't know if they would still stick well enough to work if you applied cream or lotion to prevent that problem.

You could also experiment with different nasal sprays, but some of them warn not to use them daily because it can create dependence. Saline only sprays are best.

If you continue to have this problem chronically, I recommend that you see an ear, nose, and throat doctor. There may be prescription meds or even surgery to help correct the problem permanently.

Drink something hot to open up your synasis (sp?)

An old remedee would be hot tea with lemon and a little honey

If nothing works, you should get medical opinion

The doctor might prescribe nasal spray


Robert G
Same problem here, I've tried several things.

1. combination of Nasal strips and Saline solution worked very well. They are definitely worth a try!! This was not a complete solution for me, but better than addictive nose-spray.

2. OTC nose-spray works great, but highly addictive. Use sparingly.

3. I've recently discovered the "neti-pot". It's awkward, and a little strange but it WORKS!!! It washes and cleans out your sinus's and provides a lot of relief.

Sophie G
Ok well this happens to me too ALOT. Here is two ways I prevent it.

1. First you lay on your back or to ONE side for a while.. finally the stuffiness will go away.

2. Get up and walk around. Beacause when you feet touch the ground all of the stuffiness goes away beacause it all doesn't rush down to your nose.

Hope I helped! :) <3 Sophie

1.Avoid taking a wash or bath in the evenings (probably better said than done)
2.Take a tea spoon of ACTIFED (pseudoephedrine syrup ) Glaxo' 15 minutes before lying down
3.Take a steroid nasal inhalation twice a day for 3 months
eg. BECONASE or a locally available equivalent
4.Be careful in avoiding other factors in the diet or cosmetic applications that may aggravate your condition.
5.Occassionally if it is continuing to bother instil a drop or two of a nasal decongestant to the nostril as an instant measure.
A medical doctor

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