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My mid/lower back has been hurting me but i'm only 14?
for the past couple days, my mid/lower back will randomly start to hurt pretty badly. i'm only 14 so i don't have problems that older people would have, and i haven't been doing anything that i don't usually do, and i haven't hurt myself at all lately. but my spine will just kind of lock up all of a sudden and hurt pretty badly, especially to bend over it will hurt. i am basically just wondering if anybody has any thoughts/answers/ideas/etc... thank you!

So does mine, i'm 14 too. I think mine is because I sit on a hard surface when on the computer, like now...lol. But after a while it goes away.

i suggest that you see a chropractor

jow b
Its very common for a growing boy your age...its simply growing pains.....

Colleen O
If by "problems that older people would have" is arthritis you are not too young. You CAN have arthirits in your teens. However you might have a strained muscle. If you sit alot that can cause pain in your lower back...I suggest you tell your mom and ask her to take you to the doctor, they will take xrays and give you a "plan of action" to feel better.

its nothing to be scared about. Just stretch out your back.

Did you get back into school recently? I am not a very big person and when I was going to school the weight of my bookbag exceeded what I should have been carrying. It cuased back problems similar to your explaination. Talk to a doctor about this though, it could be something else.


maybe it is stress...my heads been hurting from stress....and im 13...im talkin bout MAJOR headaches also...like i was hit by a truck..so maybe its just school or even somthing else...of course theres alot of things ppl can stress out over now...but yea..my thought is STRESS..so just try and get ur thoughts together lie down and think of somthing happy

Karmically Screwed
Probably just cramps. Midol works wonders- but remember to drink lots of water with it, because the thing that ends bloating can give you cramps if your not properly hydrated.

sometimes if you are overweight, this might be causing your pain. sometimes it happens with your monthly sickness. Ask your parents to by you some over the counter medicine like MIDOL... At your age new things are happening to you and this can cause stress. This tension or stress makes that muscle in your lower back to be tight. Try to relax, hang with good people, and listen to good music. You might ask the school nurse for some advise in this. Sometimes when a person showers and the stream of the shower hits that lower back and keeps it for 5 minutes, the pain goes away after doing this 3 days in a roll. always ask your parents permission before you try any advise you get on this website.( You can use warm to hot water as much as you can tolerate. Also if there is any swelling you need to be seen by a doctor, and do not apply any heat if there is swelling. You apply cold water when swelling is present. also you apply cold water if heat treatments do not seem to work. Ice packs if you notice cold works better than heat. Thats a plastic lunch bag with ice and water in it to the area in questioned aways ask your parents permission and have them supervised you.

yes ,i also have problem with my back.
I'm exersicing with a lot of girls your age
don't worry!!
consulte with doctor and stay cool :-)

have two things done - a lower back xray to check for spine problems and 2- get a urine test because internal infections can also cause severe back pains.


Your parents need to take you to see a doctor. They are the only ones who can rule out any possible problem. Just because you may not have hurt yourself recently doesn't mean that you didn't hurt yourself in the past and something aggrevated the injury such as heavy lifting or even stress in your life.

My guess is that the doctor will do some x-rays and maybe other tests to figure out what is wrong with your back. If it isn't caused by a bone problem they may send you to physical therapy to help the muscles in the area where it hurts.

Best of luck, I have lived with chronic pain since I was 14 as well. Mine was caused by injuries associated with sports related injuries.

do you sleep on your tummy? That can cause back problems.

Maybe you have pinched a nerve. Back injuries take a long time to heal if ever if you don't rest it.

Usually back injuries are caused when you have very week back supporting muscles. There are many back strengthening excercises out there to help prevent back injury from having weak back muscles.

The following are some causes for backache.

1) Backache due to diseases in the back.

2) Backache due to gynecological problems.

3) Backache due to problems in other parts of the body.

so many reaons can apply to people of your age
basic inactivity
wrong posture for long time
Diseases of the hip joint.
Short leg in one side.
Infection of the bone due to bacteria.
Inflammation of the muscles.
Metastasis tumors from other sites like prostate, lungs, kidneys, intestine ect.
Pelvic inflammatory diseases.
Cancerous lesions of the pelvic organs.
Inflammations of pelvic organs.

it could be stress, try to strech you back out once a day at least and try to figure out if there is something bothering you, also a nomraly exercice schedule will help for back problems

could be caused by any number of things, from the way your sleep (you may need a new mattress) to medical reasons (lack of exercise, kidney infection, etc.) check with your doctor.

Alan M
May be excessive stress on the back or schooliosis. You should check with a doctor.

kira b
Im the same age as you!!! and i had a back problem in the same place it got really bad i could not walk and could not bend over. the problem i have is a bit of scolioses which has to do with the spine, when i was born my back was a bit out and they should of splinted it or something but they didn't. My problem was fixed when a person who did remedial massage massaged my back it sounds strange but its better than physios who did nothing. i swear it works i can now play sport and run. good luck hope your back gets better

Back pains can be caused by a number of factors.

#1 You may be overweight. If that is so then your back pains are due to your front portion pulling on your spine.

#2 You might be wearing the wrong type of shoes.High Heels and certain types of boots throw the spine out of alignment.

#3 You may have damaged a portion of your verterbrae. Maybe you had a slip and fall or a car accident a while back and your body hasn't fully repaired.

#4 You may be SLEEPING in a BAD POSITION.
Do you use pillows? How many do you use?
Unless your spine is alinged properly with the mattress and pillows, you may not be recieving a healthy sleep.

#5 You may have bad posture while sitting or standing. Do you slouch when you sit? Do you carry heavy books in school, etc.

#6 There is a possibility you have a bone disease that may or may not be genetic. Do you get enough milk and vitamin D? Does your family have back problems?

Hope this helps a little.

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