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Ange D
My medication is out of date!?
I recently got my prescription from Sainsbury's pharmacy, and founr that it went out of date on 4th September 2006. I don't know if I've suffered any effects from this, I felt a bit bloated yesterday but i don't know if it's related. Anyway, does anyone have a suggestion on what should i do? just take them back...?

Take it back, obviously they are not checking the dates which is of paramount importance.

This is quite serious and needs to be reported to the proper authorities.


Yes take them back. Ask to speak to the pharmacist in charge.
You should get them replaced. Explain any unusual symptoms to the pharmacist.

You shouldn't take out of date meds. They may not be harmful but they will have no effect on thre condition they've been prescribed for

Take rthem back and get some which are in date

if you have just bought it from saisbury's then you need to return it and make a big fuss about it. if you had it in your cuboard for some time and only realized now that it had expired then you just need to see your gp.

did u actually get meds b4 the expirey date or after? if after take them back & demand & full refund or say u will take it to trading standards ..

take them back and raise hell this sounds like a really bad, bad pharmacy, i'd go elsewhere from now on.

Bella Donna
Take it back and get either new medication or a refund. They cannot sell medication after the expiration date. Could be dangerous ask your doctor if you think you have any bad effects from it. Maybe you could even sue the pharmacy.

carnival queen
Phone the manager and ask them to bring the updated prescription round to your house. You have every right to do this. Why should you have to go trekking round Sainsburys again just because they made a mistake. Tell them you are very concerned and ask them what they are prepared to do to recompense you. You may find they give you a nice voucher to spend in the store. Post a note on here to tell us what happened.

Alternatively you could report them - I'm sure there is a body that has responsibility for the pharmaceutical industry.

Take them back as soon as possible, and get a replacement or refund. The pharmacy should be checking their stock anyway, so should be made aware of any problem.

diane w
Yes definitely take them back, out of date drugs can cause all sorts of problems, main one being they do not work. Sainsburys should offer you some sort of compo and at the same time ask advice from another pharmacist somewhere else as to what effects this could have.

Asaf B
take them back and ask for a refund. they could have caused some serious harm and that is no joke. dont accept just an apology. that is not enough.

Go back to sainsburys and see the pharmacist.

More than likely the medication is fine. Was it the expiration date on the prescription bottle or the actual drug bottle? Pharmacies tend to make the expiration date on the yellow prescription bottle, the date the drug should be completed. The expiration date on the actual drug bottle is the date the pharmaceutical company stopped its stability testing. Bloating is a common side effect. Many drugs have that side effect.
If worried, go back to the pharmacy and talk with the pharmacist. This was probably just an accident, and I would replace the med in good faith.

Take them back and demand an explenation! You should get a new one for free.

jbland is quite correct in his advice. Sorry about all the others who claimed seroius side effects would arise.
A consultant physician and his G.P. wife once told me the same thing and said that third world countries would be grateful indeed of medication which is slightly out of date. it has to be seriously old for the drug to be ineffective.

Hold on here. How could you have just gotten a prescription from a pharmacy and it is already out of date? That does not make any sense.

Call the pharmacy and talk to them about it.

Do not worry, medication has a very large margin of error in use by dates and this will almost certainly be OK, if you begin to look for side effects you're bound to find them because you're worried.

Just take the medication back and ask for a replacement, if you still have concerns ask to talk to the pharmacist who will happily give you all the information you require.

If you just purchased the medication recently and it is a pharmacuetical medication you should most definately return it to the pharmacy to have the medication evaluated by a pharmacist, if at all possible the one that you purchased the medication from. However I believe any pharmacist could help resolve this dilemna for you. Medications strength is often amplified as it ages and can become toxic over a period of time. You should seek the recommendations of the pharmacist whom sold you this drug.

Hi you need to go back to the pharmacy with the pills and show the expiration date to the pharmacist (not the techs). You probably won't have any side effects due to expiration but they haven't done their job if they are expired. Most meds have an expiration date simply because they lose potency. Don't feel bad about taking them back. It does happen and It may be a simple mistake by the pharmacy that can be fixed and help prevent further problem for other customers. Good luck.

There are a number of dates listed on the label. There is a difference between when medicine goes out of date and when a prescription (meaning the legal authority to dispense the medicine) expires. Call first.

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