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My left eye hurts so much to open, it's red, watery, and blurry. Why?
Is this pink eye - the viral kind? please any ideas on how to heal it fast or relieve the discomfort! it's so annoying, it keeps twitching and watering. my nose is all sniffles too. i think i re-infected myself with my eye makeup or something.


Oh goshh. i had this happen to me too! Hahaha. Well;; there is a chance of it being pink eye. I can't be too positive though.

If its pink eye, you should have like a crust around your eye that made it really hard to open right when you wake up, It is really itchy and bothering you and such.

When i had that, i took a towel, put it in really hot water, put it in a ziploc bag, and put the towel in the ziploc bag and put just a little bit of the hot water in the bag too. Rest for a bit, and put it on your eye and just let it sit there, or hold it or whatever. If not, try cold water! (:

It worked for me. Oh, and try not itching the both eyes together as this may cause it to spread the itchiness

! Hope this helped! (:

If your nose is sniffely you could be having an allergy attack or allergic reaction to something. You may also have a case of pink eye. Go to your doctor or a clinic in the morning and get it checked out. Up until that point in time, buy some antihistamines , if you do not have any already in your house, and take those, put a cold cloth on your eye, it will help with the itching. Other then that, try not to touch it, and if it is pink eye don't touch anything else, because the infection can spread!

Do you have allergies?

Yeah u most likely got pink eye or some other infection u should definitely get that checked out.It could have come from your make up like ur eye liner and mascara, I noe that your suppose to get a fresh container of mascara and eyeliner like every 3 to 4 months for bacterial purposes.

Honey you should prolly go 2 the doc. bc if it is then it will only get worse. hope its ok sweetie.

It definitely sounds like pink eye. It normally goes away on its own within a week, to relieve the discomfort you could put a warm(or cold if you think it could be allergic pink eye) compress on your eye like a wash cloth. Also don't wear your contacts if you have them, they can just add to the irritation. I've heard that placing a cool, moistened chamomile tea bag on your closed eyes for 10 minutes will help. Don't scratch/rub your eyes it will prolong the healing process.

It sounds like you may have scratched your cornea you need to get yourself in ASAP. Pink eye would be crusty as well as red.

Yeah if you have old eye make up, that has tons of bacteria in it.
It could be a clogged tear duct
Could be pink eye
If you already had an eye infection and then got another one, you should get that checked out.
To help some of the pain
get a wet wash cloth and wring it out
then heat it up in the microwave until hot
hold it gently against your eye. It will relieve some pain and pressure and help with swelling.

It may be allergies too.

very possible and any makeup you've used must be thrown out..otherwise you will keep infecting yourself. pink eye is viral and your sinuses and tear ducts are all connected .that is why when your eye tears your nose runs too..go back to the doctor..more antibiotics for you..good luck

Mary B
Most Likely it is conjunctivitis (pink eye) or another form of eye infection. First, THROW AWAY all your eye makeup...even if you just bought it..it is now contaminated. Then go see your doctor, and get them to prescribe to you some anti infective eye drops. Avoid rubbing the eye, and if you do, wash your hands right away. Also, NEVER share your eye or lip makeup with anyone, even if you know them, because what you do not know is their medical history...good luck. Warm wet washcloths applied to the eye may give some comfort especially when waking up...

probably pink eye

It sounds like conjunctivitis aka pink eye. When it comes to your eyes, I wouldn't mess around, just go to the doctor. You could also have an allergic reaction to something that only touched one eye. The fact that you also have the sniffles can indicate a sinus issue related to the eye issue. Overall, your best bet: see a doctor so he can determine whats causing your symptoms and the best treatment.

** If you think you have pink eye, don’t use any make up until the infection clears up. If you continue to use it, it will act like an irritant in the infected eye, and will cause the uninfected eye to become infected. I will also suggest purchasing new eye make up when the infection (if it is pink eye) clears up, to avoid re-infecting your eyes.

Hope this helped.

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