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My hands keep shaking. What's wrong?
If anyone knows the film Saving Private Ryan and sees Tom Hank's hand shaking, well that's what happens to me. I don't drink so it can't be this and its actually been happening for several years now. I'm only 21 and it doesn't hurt so i don't think it could be arthritis or something like that

Kelly B
have you been drinkin alot lately

Lady X
There are all kinds of reasons, all of which need medical attention, see a MD. My sister in-law had it for years and finally a MD sent her for a CAT scan and they found her brain stem was side ways when it should be vertical, she also had migraines with the shaky hands. She had surgery to correct it and she can't believe she suffered all those years.

Almost certainly you are dehydrated... but please go to the quacks to get checked out...

ok it may be several reasons.
if you have an office job, it may be that you are getting cramps in your hands and the muscles just give up. (this causes shivering effects)
or if you go shooting, this may be an effect of the recoil action of the gun

yeah, mine do that sometimes, usually just when you could really do with out it, like with a precarious fork load of food nearly in your mouth but not quite. Apparently I have inherited this condition from my mum, (I can't remember the name of it) but my mum's has got quite bad with age and she now has to take betablockers. I dont' think it's anything too serious though. It's just blooming annoying. Anyway, it may be worth checking if your parents have had anything similar. It also be from some kind of repeptitive strain. Worth looking in to.

me too
Go see a Doctor and good luck..Better to know what it is than not..God Bless

jackie d
if your worried go see the doc it could just be the nerves in your hand

go see a doctor, that's how Michael j. foxes disease started!!!!!! Muscular dystrophy, hopefully its not what you have, but let your doctor know what is going on and how long it has been happening.

If you are taking some form of medication that might be a side effect. Come on it is time you saw your doctor.

in the philippines..what you are experiencing is called "pasamado/pasma" something like that..that thing happens when you wash your tired hands after doing some tiring work without resting it for a while..hope this helps.

Ginny D
Do you take any medications? My sister takes one that causes slight shaking. I would see a doctor, because it's probably nothing, but it COULD be something to get checked out -- like Parkinson's Disease. So, I would go to the doctor.

Lord of the Sovereign Ring
I'm not scare mongering, but that's what happened to Michael J Fox and he found out he had that major dissease either Hodgekinsons or Parkinsons, sorry I can't be more specific.

Basically, see a doctor.

Why don't you go to your doctor and get a diagnosis? Answers from other people could vary and only leave you feeling more anxious.
Take care.

There is a condition called something like benign non serious tremor. My hands have always had the shakes. Alas it ruled out brain surgeon as an occupation.

If it's been going on for years, I'd ignore it. It isn't arthritis, but it might be a partially trapped nerve - you could go for a massage, or book an appointment with an osteopath.

You may have sugar low spells. Anyone's guess untill you see a doctor and find out.

cut down on the ciggerates and drink plenty of water, and cut out the junk food.

if it still continues go see a doctor

i think you have a nervous problem huppy up and see your doc and the other person that just reply about it as well

clicky j
Well in saying this, i get shaky hands when i dont drink enough fluids and also if i havent ate my breakfast, my hands start to go by dinner time. So drink and eat more!!!!! hope this helps xxxx

im 21 too and my hands shake all the time but like you i haven't been to the doctors but i think we should both get down there quick.

Go to a doctor and get a medical checkup.

Go to a Neurologist.

If this happens pretty much all the time and is not associated with some significant stress in your life right now, you better see a doctor. There are some benign reasons for chronic hand shaking, but there are some bad reasons for it too. In the case of a benign condition, like benign familial tremors, it can be treated pretty effectively with a pill. In the case of the bad reasons...parkinson's, MS, etc., the earlier it is diagnosed the better the outcome of treatment.

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