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 Is my brother stoned?
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He came in late(after my mom went to bed)which is un-usual.
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He is eating and drinking alot.
His eyes are really bloodshot.

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My eyes always look glossy, red, and tired looking. Why?
No I am not stoned and haven't been for about 5 years. I eat well, work out, drink water, and sleep at least 7 hrs a night. I don't like looking like this at work, what can I do?

Because you are...................?

change the mirror.

I luv Matt!
Hay fever?

try cucumbers on the lids eye washes more sleep try things for puffy red eyes

~Cheta K.~
thanks for clearing that up because i was just about to ask you were u high or something. Um you may wanna go get a check up or something cuz something could be wrong with your liver

I don't know.

if you look that bad you might as well quit the healthy stuff and go back to smoking weed.

That way you won't care how you look.

sandee f
Some good answers already, but if it has been that long, I'd see a Doctor, who could refer you to a specialist.

heleina h
at first i tot ur stoned..

i think u lack sleep..

doing that more often makes ur eyes look dull.

Wash eye with clean clear water five times a day,just open your eyes and let it dip in water.Feels great try it.

single occupant
Do you have to work with your eyes... spend a lot of time in front of computers and screens in general.

That will lead to serious eye tiredness.

If you do work with a computer more than a few hours a day (or play for that matter) you need to give your eyes mored than the usual rest.

Also, the symptoms you describe are often mentioned by people who rely too much on eye drops.

If you are using them, try changing to a brand other than murine or binaca... or better yet, try not using them at all.

If you're having dry eyes... seriously, every day cut up an onion. You need to get your tear ducts functioning properly. Eye drops mess you up after a while.

My eyes are very sensitive to light, and I have the same problem. People always think I'm either really tired or stoned. I just use a few drops of visene and it clears it up. Also if I am tired and yawn, a lot of times it looks like I'm crying.

So sleep to get some rest.

Could be from pollution or eye strain
Use eye drops
they should help

Lola cherry cola
Don't do drugs.

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