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My blood type is a rhesus negative,does that mean one of my parents has to be that blood type?

it means you are a monkey.


Not necessarily but that would be the most common. Ask them.

im O- but my mum says both her and mydad are O+, so no, unless theres something my mum isnt telling me lol

Yes one of your parents has to be that blood type xx

yes me and my dad have the same blood group

old know all
It's likely that your Dad is rhesus negative, but it's possible that this has come down from an earlier generation.

Yes it does, either one or both parents has to have the gene.

no it does not mean that. well for every trait we have or we show we have double genes for it .
your mom & father even if they have rhesus positive gene which dominate over the rhesus negative doesnot mean they do not have the latter too .
your mom may have a rh -ve & a rh +ve genes together & since rh +ve dominates over rh -ve then her blood group would be positive .
you on the oher hand inherited the rh -ve from both of your parents .
even if they are both positive .

Lily & Stu Too
Yeh, mine's O-, but my parents are both adamant they they are both + !!!!!

Im O-, my sister is O-.

My parents are both O+

My brother had leukaemia and I was a 99.9% blood match for him (paternal issues sorted) so I could donate stem cells. My brother was O+ until he got my stem cells, his marrow re-grew as a producer of O- blood.

So, the answer is no, your parents do not have to be O- if you are O-.

rh+ is it the dominant typ. if one of your parents is rh+, you can not be rh-, so your mom, and your dad olso is RH-, otherways you can not be rh-.


yes one of your parents will be rhesus negative. I am b- blood group same as my dad and my daughter is too. My other children take their dads blood group. If you are female and have a baby which is rhesus positive you usually have to have an anti-d injection after the birth to stop any complications with any future pregnancies.
hope this helps.

Hi,im Rhesus D Negative.I was told by the doctor that one of my parents will have it,i have 2 sisters & 2 brother.2 have ordinary O blood & the other two are group B.So we are a mixture

for your blood to have a Rh neg on your blood group means that both your parents carry the Rh negative gene. your father could Rh negative on both his genes or Rh positive one and the other one Rh negative, the same could be said for your mother. since Rh negative is recessive to Rh positive, you need two Rh negative genes to your rhesus factor

one of your parent must have been that blood type, and it probably was your mother unless you were a blue baby


Graham I
Rh negative type is carried by a recessive gene, which means that you have to inherit it from BOTH parents. Each of your parents has two sets of chromosomes, only one of which they pass on to any of their offspring, but it's random which one each offspring gets. If your mother has one Rh- gene and one Rh+ gene then she will be Rh+ but still capable of passing on the Rh- gene to you.

Maid Angela
My wife and I are both positive but one of my girls is negative so the answer is no and she probably got that from one of her grandparents

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