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My blood pressure is 169 over 95 is this very high?

yes it is, was this done at the dt or at home? next time you take it take a few deep breaths and relax do it over if it has not gone dowm to at least 130/60 o back to the dr

Actually yes it is . The 169 needs to atleast come down in the 120 to 130 range. The 95 is getting to close to 100. If you have High Blood Pressure then chances are your heart is having to work harder. I have high BP and am on medication for it daily. With the meds. though it is controled. Mine will still go up even then if I get real upset, stressed out, or when I get sick--such as cold,broncitis,asthma attach, or have a little chest congestion. If this pressure is a everyday BP then I would suggest seeing your doctor he will want to monitor your BP. It took my trying 4 different BP meds. to get 1 that worked for me, I feel better so its worth it. Take care of it now before other problems start to occur. Good Luck and stay healthy. Control it while you can. You know as we get older our health starts going down anyway.

yes and you should go and see your dr as soon as possible..this could lead to very serious health problems not to mention fatal relults if you dont get it checked...i am 27 and have high blood pressure and are on medicine to control it....do you get severe headaches....i do and am learning to deal with them as each day goes by..not too mention i have gained a heart problem due to the pressure and can have a stroke any day and or die..this is very serious and go seek medical help asap GOOD LUCK

Yep you could boil over at any minute, no seriously go to a doctor it's too high.

YES!!!!!!!!!!...it's high!

JaMar K
No, that is okay. Because the normal bp is 160 over 80. You are okay.

I hope you just forgot to take your meds cause this is very high, calm down, destress, stay off salt!!!

This blood pressure is on the high side. It is higher than most doctors would want it to be. The top number (systole) should be 130 and the bottom number (diastole) should be 80. The bottom number is what concerns the doctors the most. This is considered normal range. Anything above this range is considered to be hypertension, a very serious condition that affects millions of people. You should see your doctor as soon as possible because high blood pressure can be very dangerous or even deadly.

Rubber Duck
that's pretty high. 80-to 85 is where you want the bottom number.

nas88caror 300
yes very high mines 125 / 65

120/70 is considered the "norm". 140/90 or anything higher is considered hypertension (high blood pressure) and you need to be evaluated by a doctor. The doctor will probably put you on a low sodium diet (to help decrease water retention which can lead to elevated blood pressures) and also might put you on a diuretic and/or something to lower your blood pressure. Also, you might want to go get your blood pressure checked frequently until it is within the normal range. Good luck.


Linda A
yes it is high

It is high but not VERY high... your diastolic rate should be 80 or less (second number) and when it get to around 90, you are considered border line. But your systolic rate should be under 135 so get to your doc

standardized blood pressure shud be 120 ,80 urs is way off the mark see a doc. now!

Diane B
Yes it's high. you're in danger of getting heart diseases. you should use less salt or none.


It is very high. Both the first number and the second are high. The second number is generally more bothersome, and it should be less than 80. The first number should be less than 120.
Eat less salt, excercise more, lose some weight, reduce stress in your life and monitor the BP regularly by buying a home monitor for about $50.
See a doctor soon. You might need medication.

Tony I
Very high!! Go see a Doc before your BP will send you to the Moon!!!

Joy M
That is pretty high, healthy adults should be 120/80.

It's high right now, I don't know your background history, anything can cause a blood pressure to spike. in order to be classified as hypertension you have to have 3 consecutive Dr. visits with an above average blood pressure, unless of course you have preexisting conditions such as diabetes, stroke in the family, heart disease etc. Sometimes certain meds can cause your blood pressure to temporarily spike like that, smoking, and some infections such as urinary complications. Don't freak out just get checked out by your MD, where was the test performed anyway. Sometimes the ones in the stores are very inaccurate. The best blood pressure is the manual.

it's high but it's not excessively high

Yes that's hypertenstion. The normal BP is around 120/70.

No, -1 to normal pressure! 170?!

valynda n
yup................that's high.........go see a doctor

Hi,,, yes it is,,,, on your lower level.... i suggest to go see a doctor .... soon.....

good luck

Yes it is.

You are aiming for 120/80 or less.

How old are you? What is your health? If you are in good health then yes indeed this is high. Set an appointment with your Dr. for an annual check up. And, be sure to tell the receptionist your concern. This way they can speed up your appointment date, or have you come right in. With out further detail on your present Physical health this is the best advice I can give.

yes it is very high. You should go to the doctor and have it checked out

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