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My 5 year old daughter constantly feels she needs to pee.?
My daughter is almost 6 years old and complains that vigina hurts after peeing. I thought it was a urinary tract infection and took her to the doctor today, but all the tests came back normal, she looked at it and it looked normal, no redness.
My daughter constantly feels like she needs to wipe herself moments after peeing, like she feels some is leaking out. So by doing this she is rubbing the area raw, so it hurts worse each time.
I tried putting a cream on it, but she said it burned, and it probably did as it is raw.
The doctor said everything was fine and maybe it was caused from her drinking carbanated drinks, but she doesn't drink them, at all. So I know it isn't that. What do I do? The doctor said to come back in two weeks and they would re do the urinary tests, but this can't go on like this anymore, one episode lasted for almost two hours tonight.
I want to get a second opnion. Does this sound like anything anyone has dealt with before? Thank you for your advice.

She may have a hormonal problem or a bladder infection. Go to as many doctors as possible to find out what the problem is.

get a 2nd opinion. does not sound like your Dr. is thinking 360 or thinking to hardly at all. it could be physical and psychological. I deffinetly would get a 2nd opinion and maybe even see a psychiatrist. she may have a weak bladder and is leaking and is rubbing herself raw. These are things that a good Dr. would explore. Good luck!

natasha v
I am not sure and i only have two suggestions for you-
1)get a second opinion-it never does any harm
2) Is it possible she could have either a weak bladder or weak pelvic floor muscles?
Hope that helps :)

The Nag
You need to follow your instincts and get a second, third and forth opinion. In the mean time, see if it is ok to give her cranberry supplements, if it is an infection and they missed it, this will help untill you can get another opinion.

Have they checked her for diabetes ? I feel you should consult another doctor.

go to another doctor. i have been misdiagnoised more than once.she should have spent more time trying to help her out not just running one test especially if he saw and knew how much agony she was in. You may want to get a new family doctor. Sounds like she may have a yeast infection possibly too, or a bladder infection i would for sure go get a second opinion help your daughter out.
GOOD LUCK and i hope it gets better!

my four year old gets them all the time and this sounds totally different than what she gets, i would call a pediatric kidney specialist you may have to drive a couple of hours to get to one but it would definitely be worth it.

Hello- Please get other Drs. to look at your little girl,do not fool with this. Make drs. listen to you! Try to put some vasaline on the tender area,and keep it clean. But make them hear what you are telling them,take her to emergency at the hospital,they should hear you. Take Care!!

Rachael H
I had the exact same prob w/my 5 yr old. She would swear her undies were wet. I'd have her feel them to prove they weren't but she was constantly changing them. She would stuff extras into her pockets when we went somewhere. I had her examined. She was fine. I spoke to a child psychologist who suggested she had or saw someone have an accident & is fearful it will happen to her. I don't know. I gave her a pantyliner to wear & told her it would keep her dry. She is 7 now & still sometimes puts TP in her undies "to keep them dry" but I think she is growing out of it. My advice: exhaust all possible causes then give her time to grow out of it without criticism.

It possibly might be hurting when she pees as a result as rubbing the area raw, But I don't know. I would try seeking a second opinion.

go see other doctors .maybe a woman doctor specialist
untill it is sorted out

and stop your daughter from wiping
this may become an obsession and make matters much worse .like scratching an itch ,can get out of hand ,so that you end up bleeding and the itching only gets worse

i had this problem...the doctor said it was caused by saccharin in foods and beverages...and because of carbonated drinks, but i never drank carbonated drinks either....i would continue to get a second opinion and another , i also found that drinking cranberry juice helps me and lots of water. Hope your daugther feels better because i went through the same thing at her age and its not fun

I would get a second opinion.

I would get her to drink lot's of water to dilute her urine and maybe that might ease the sting a bit.

Also get her to drink a urinary alkelzer, like ural satches, which you can buy without prescription from the pharmacy and it neutralises the acid and stops the burning from urination.

Does your daughter wipe front to back so as to avoid an infection? Make sure you tell her to do that.

Then go get that second opinion and more tests done.
Good luck :)

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