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My 10 yr. old daughter has a temperature of 103.6?
We called the hospital, and they said if it reaches 106.0 to bring her in. I think this is kind of high for an emergency room visit. Wouldn't this start boiling her brain, or doing damage to it? I am cooling her down with washclothes, but I just can't get over the 106.0 bit. Please let me know if I am just a worrying mother, or if this is an excessive temp for a child that age. Thank You.

ASPIRIN, then hospital

Kids can deal with higher temperatures. If she has ebola, she will probably die as her organs liquify. But I guess it is the flu. In my 40s I had a 103.8 fever. The body almost always brings the temperature as high as it needs to without making it too high. I did nothing to lower it.

Let her body do its job. It has been doing this for millions of years without help from doctors. If you want to mess up her body, then give her a medicine like Vioxx. See site below to see fastest way to get over the flu. The flu and fever are good for her health. The doctors are learning that the body can usually take care of itself. Your worry is bad for your daughter's health and peace of mind.

Learn something. Do nothing to cool your daughter down at your own risk (I am not an MD so I cannnot give medical advice) and just moniter her every 20 minutes and watch how it controls it perfectly without letting it go to high.

Also I was having nurses shove that thermometer hard into my mouth as a kid since they said I was not doing it right. It turns out that normal body tempeature is not 98.6. It is between 96 and 100. So you should also learned what her normal temperature is. Then you will know if 98 is a fever or if 100 is normal for her. If her normal temperature is 96 then 105 is too high but if her temperature is normally 100 then it is only 5 degrees temperature.


give her 2 tsp of Motrin then 20 min later give her 2tsp Tylenol be sure to dress her in light cloths keep her feet uncovered first put her in a cool bath she prob clod but covering her more will make it worse i would still take her to the er but watch her close high temps can cause convulsions good luck

Don't worry too much. At a young age, a higher fever is normal. If she was over 16 I would say it's a different story. When I was about 11 I had the flu and my fever was 101 and then it spiked to 104. Turned out I had a secondary infection of strep throat. I would say give her Ibuprofen and have her drink lots of fluids. Bring her into the doctor's (not the hospital) if it concerns you. If it reaches 105 and can't be brought down with ibuprofen within an hour, then bring her into the hospital. I would say just dote on her and give her lots of fluids and follow the recommended dose on the ibuprofen bottle. A fever has to reach about 107 to really be harmful to the brain. I would say call a doctor to make sure she doesn't have a secondary infection like I did. But don't worry too much. It's normal for younger kids to have higher fevers than adults.

Yeah it does seem unreasonable But try taking her to a clinic instead of a full on hospital. And the brain usually starts deteriorating at around 108.0 body temperature, But a fever of 100.0 should let you make a walk in appointment at a clinic.

My son has disabilities and has run high fevers before.
When I've taken him to the ER, they've had to give him a full dose each of Ibuprofen and Tylenol. Ususally I pick one or the other, but both, together really does the trick. Good Luck!

And no, please don't wait for 106.0 to bring her to the ER....104.0 and I'd be there....if I wasn't already. It's Friday night, the ER is probably not busy.

Some Guy
Wow....that is pretty high for a recommendation. Do you have a family Dr. that you can call or have paged? 106 is very critical. The hospital I work at recommends an ER visit at about 102. If it were my child I'd take her to the ER now. Good luck.

I can't believe they said that, someone needs to be punished for that one. Actually 104 is when you need to take her in to the E.R. or if you can't get the temperature to drop. If it hits 104 I would take her to the ER, if this temperature has gone on for more than 24 hours I would take her in to make sure it is not something bacterial, if she is getting dehydrated.. lethargic... or is very unactive you should take her in.
Typically when my daughter has a fever the doctors tell me to alternate between children's tylenol and motrin. Like give her the children's tylenol now and 4 hours later give her the children's motrin. Then 4 hours after the motrin dose give tylenol. A luke warm bath also helps to get the fever down.
Take your daughter in to the ER though because I don't know what her symptoms are, how she long she has been sick. I took my daughter to the doctor today and they did blood work and the fever was not caused by a virus but some type of bacterial infection that her body is hiding.

NO aspirin for anyone under the age of 17, that is very dangerous!! I would not dose the stuff every 20 minutes either, my daughter has had many fevers and I always take her to the doctor and she has many doctors from moving and they always say the 4 hour rotation, never something as soon as 20 minutes. It's pretty certain she doesn't have ebola either.

Angela G
An excessive temperature for a child. Get her to the hospital now and get the person who told you that fired.

Give her some Motrin. i use to get high fevers...especially at night. But make her drink alot of fluids and give her children's motrin.

get to the hospital quick

AS you use the wash-clothes; PRAY ,tell the fever to GO;

Amy B
Listen to your inner voice and take her to the emergency room...

Take her in! Whoever told you to wait til 106 is trying to kill your child!

section hand
Take Her to Emergency room,there has to be some infection somwhere& If you see the person who said bring Her in when temp. is 106 ,They are probabley are mopping floors.

Jesse's Girl
Have you tried to reduce it at home? Alternating Tylenol and Motrin every 4 hours, lots of fluids, a tepid bath? Also, she may be cold, but do NOT cover her up with blankets and lots of clothing. This will keep the heat contained. 103.6 is pretty high, but not extremely dangerously high yet.


103.6 is high and I wouldn't wait, get her to the ER now. She is at risk for febrile seizures ( seizures brought on by fever) and to wait until her temp. gets higher would be dangerous.

Sandy A, RN
No aspirin! That can cause Reyes syndrome which can lead to brain damage and death. Tylenol, Popsicles and a luke warm bath. You can alternate Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Make sure she stays hydrated as that can cause temp to go up also. I have never heard of waiting till 106! At our Urgent Care we take action at the 102 level. If the temp does not start to come down in 1-2 hours after Tylenol/ibuprofen, fluids and bath or it goes up at all, she needs to be seen ASAP. Keep up the cool cloths, especially on the back of the neck, temples, groin area and armpits. I hope she gets better quickly! Take care!

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