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Jean Karelia
It's so hard for me to get to sleep!?
i just find it so hard to sleep. i dont know if its the air or something but it takes me like 4-5 hours to fall asleep. im not the kinda person that falls asleep easily and this has been a problem since i was real young. thing is, i stopped drinking caffeinated drinks, cut down on cigarettes, reduced my alcohol intake and started going to the gym but it has never helped. last night, i had some sleeping pills but the problem is, they make it stupidly difficult for me to sleep today. would really appreciate your advice as this condition of mine is driving me mental. on a good night, falling asleep takes me 2-5 minutes; happens like once every month! i wanna sleep more coz itll make me feel and look healthier, fresher and better as well. i just want a break from my usual unhealthy lifestyle! thanks in anticipation!
Additional Details
thing is i get so thirsty at night so i drink loads of water and wake up loads to go to the bathroom. and i shower before bed. nothing works.

daiha s
try smokeing pot it will make u sleep GOOD! or take 4 benadryl

try going to church, dear, and staying up for an entire sermon. it won't work. hope this helps

wen im overexicited i always think "ok, calm down n just sleep!".
method #1: close ur eyes, breathe in slowly n dont open ur eyes no matter wut (unless theres a real emergency like a fire or u gotta go 2 the bathroom) n dont move.
method #2: listen 2 calm, soothing music at night. pick slow songs by artists that u like or buy spa/massage music (u can get those at loblaws or hmv. they'll say Spa on it n there'll be a picture of a lily on it. n no, i dont have one. i have just seen them before) close ur eyes while listening 2 the music n dont open ur eyes OR move.
method #3: tire urself out that day (like walk in a mall for 5 hours, trying stuff on nonstop) (yea, i know, not the best method. hope the other two will work better!)

hope that helped! :D

look ive had the same problem
the reason that you're not sleeping is that you're worringing about not sleeping and you're fretting about getting little sleep
i know that it seems confusing but all you have to do is to empty your mind just kind of stop thinking and let your brain take over (i start to feel like im going down the freeway)
with luck you'll fall asleep without even knowing it

Lance S.
I also find it sometimes takes me hours to get to sleep.

Okay, first do you take naps during the day? - If so, this may cause you to fall out of a regular sleep pattern your body is not used to. Plus I find that If I sleep in the day, I rarely fall asleep at night.

Second. How warm is it in the room? I find it is hard to sleep If I am to warm. Maybe because if the body temperature is not normal, the body is too busy trying to adjust and cannot focus on sleeping.

Third. Is your mind occupied when you try to sleep? Life problems cause stress and it is sometimes hard to sleep when you are stressed because all your musles are cramped up and not relaxed.

Maybe try to listen to soft music, sooth your thoughts and relax.

I read somewhere that Tonic water helps you sleep, try that. I would try it myself but I do not like the taste of it. If you dont like the taste of it yourself, try to flavor it with Non-Alcohol Grenadine.

If you are to stressed and worn out from the day, and you are low on energy, this may also affect your sleep. I could not sleep for some time and my doctor told me that it requires energy to be able to sleep. So maybe if your job is to stressful it may become difficult.

I hope those helped. Sleep better.

P.S. Make sure you get on average 8 hours of sleep, your sleep deprivation may be caused also by how early you wake up, or how late you go to bed. The brightness of your room, White Noise (Electronic Noise), Vibrations in the surrounding areas, Or anything else that causes a disturbance.

Count sheep is all else fails.

Have you tried exercising more ? I also had trouble sleeping well at night , and started exercising regularly . It made a huge difference , as did what you tried with eliminating caffeinated drinks in the evening .

go swimming whenever i swim i sleep like a babyy

hey i hear ya. i have the same problem. Try massaging your head. Um also try writing down things that you have to worry about the next day cuz sumtimes your worries about the future really hinder in the way. Keep a daily routine of when you go to sleep. Also what works for me the best is having the fan on.. when ever there is a fan on, i always feel sleepy! Just make urself as comfortable as u cann, sleep in a dark room with complete silence. hope this helps.

that's good that you want to stop those unhealthy habits, some things that you can do are turning off all the lights and putting on some relaxing music, also there are some pills that help people like you whom can't sleep as easy as others i think one of them is called "lunesta" but i'm not sure

It takes me a long time to get to sleep too. I have a clock in my room that goes off softly every hour. & i just lay in bed listenging to it every hour. Im a late sleeper though, i usually go to bed like 1 in the morning and wake up around 12 p.m. If you wakr up late, then thats probably the problem. Also if you have too much on your mind. so try waking up early, like 7-8 in the morning. Then you will be more tired when you go to bed.

Insomnia can also come from any kind of emotional stress. Good cardio exercise during the day may help. Outside of that I'd see a doctor.

i used to have the same problem. my solution has been sports. WEAR YOURSELF OUT so that when you are done you will be very tired and want nothing more than to just lay down and fall asleep. Also, I play (classical or slow tempo) music (softly) and sleep in COMPLETE darkness. Also your problem might be that you just have too much on your mind. Try not to think about it and maybe start keeping a journal or talking to someone. It'll help you get it out so you dont think about it much before bed. Hope this helps!

Put a little honey in a glass of milk and put it in the microwave for a few seconds.
Put on a TV or radio. The sound will make it easier to sleep.
Sleep Medication. There are many medications that will help you fall asleep.
Turn a fan on beside you when you fall asleep.
Don't eat or drink that much before bed time. Food may energize you.
Don't take naps during the daytime.
Don't drink much caffeine. That can keep you up for a long while.
Count sheep or count backwards. It may be old but it will keep your mind off of worries.
Picture a black surrounding when you close your eyes and focus on nothing but that.
good luck

bisexual baby
take some pills or have sum1 talk u to sleep

Sabby Love
Maybe you need something to help you fall alseep instead of cutting stuff out.... don't start taking sleeping pills...what helps me fall asleep is either... listening to music... really slow music... or maybe watch tv while laying down...most likely watch something boring LOL... but ya... or even read a book would help

Make the room pitch Black.
Or wear a face mask.

Music would be a good idea, another would be maybe doing something you couldn't do during the day with the extra time you used to be asleep.

listen to classical music, my son had this problem, and my mother told him to listen to it, it made him fall asleep real quick.

Alexis H
My cousin has ur prob...A doctor told her have some one gentley rub her eyes inward the eye and out very softly it makes you feel tired....

hope that helps


drink a glass of milk before going to sleep

maybe it will help...

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