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Is walking barefoot good or bad for us?
Curious as to whether walking barfoot outside is good or bad for us in terms of foot health and skeletal health? Specifically, if one was to walk two or three miles on a regular basis barefooted would the benefits versus the drawbacks be greater or lesser?

Obviously I realise that there is increased chance of cuts and such by walking outside with unprotected feet!

Thanks for any meaningful answers.

I wouldn't do it, because there is too much debris and germs which can hurt you outside in the streets.

Oswald Cobblepot
It's is okay around the yard or someplace where you know there is no broken glass and such, but not okay to walk with unprotected feet on the street or other public places.

fallen arches due to no arch support, your feet may grow larger, and a propensity for cankles due to no arch support, much like how flipflops cause cankles.

gezim k
its good cuz y did god give u ur feet in first place to walk with not to cover it plus shoes take to long and if ur thinking of geting ur feet on the palm of ur foot strong walk with out shoes on cement it makes them like rock

I would guess that walking barefoot would be better as the foot was designed bare and not with a shoe if that makes sense! Seriously though, taking into account as you have rightly said chances of injury, cuts etc, in today's world in the most economically developed countries it is not a good idea, but as far as foot health and spinal health, it's how nature intended

top cat
i think it makes your skin harder onyour feet but i do like to walk barefoot I get the hump if my feet get too hot

my partners family have a tendancy to flat feet, when the health visitor noticed my daughters feet where slightly flat she reccomended that my daughter spend time running bare foot on wooden floors, so maybe its good to walk bear foot, but not on concrete?

You are actually supposed to be walking with one inch of support under your heal. I prefer walking barefooted, however, for posture, pressure, and back reasons, you are supposed to have at least one inch of support under your heal. I you walk without the support, you will feel extra pressure on a number of your joints because your posture and balance is not going to be correct and even.

Beach Girl
I prefer to go barefoot outdoors if I'm at the beach. The sand feels wonderful and also works as a pumice for rough, calloused skin. It's also soothing to walk barefoot through smooth, cool grass on a warm spring or summer day. I don't like walking barefoot on pavement, OUCH!

Barefeet is good to wear down the rough skin, but I do not think it would be wise to walk 2-3 miles with bar feet, you can get very supportive trainers, if it was best to walk bare footed then why would they make these trainers?

Go Bears!
Depends on what kind of ground you are walking on. If you are on hard ground - pavement for example - you are doing more harm than good. The pavement doesn't give so you will be hurting you joints. People are even advised against running on pavement with shoes!
If you are on soft ground though, like grass, I don't see the harm.

walking barefoot outside is not the healthiest things to do! besides stepping on something or getting bitten, your spine and back need the support of good shoes if you walk alot. If you have high insteps, your feet can flatten out and become painful. Just being out in the yard for alittle bit playing or just relaxing ok just be careful where you walk! I love being barefoot too!

I go barefoot a lot, indoors and out. It has been a while since i have walked severla miles barefoot but I often make the 15 minute walk to the nearest shop barefoot, especially on a nice warm sunny day.
I think that it is good for the muscles in the feet and ankles to do some of the work occasionally rahter than rely on shoes for support all the time.
also barefeet in the fresh air don't get smelly, and very rarely get anything like athletes foot.
obviously as you said you have to keep an eye on where you are putting your feet watch out for glass etc. and pavements can get very hot in the sun.
having said all that there is nothing like a nice cool, damp muddy foot path on a hot summer day to feel good between your toes.

Peter F
Walking barefoot is fine. See for yourself.

Paul Anthony F
Yes it is good not only does it massage our reflex points ( reflexology) Walking barefoot brings us closer to the |Magnetism if the earth, which helps balance our health. Also think of the benefits of the feet being free of the swaetbox the shoe

Alison K
i was told that going barefoot is one of the ways to help strengthen the skin on the bottom of your feet and most of the time i do go round in bare feet as i find slippers or shoes my my feet hot and uncomfortable.

I don't know, but I love going barefoot and it's the only reason I hate winter...lol

Going barefoot is very healthy! In spite of what shoe companies would like us to believe, our feet do not need support, even when walking on hard surfaces. The guys who pulled the rikshaws[sp?] in India, when most of those were still running instead of biking or even being motorized, had very, very few foot problems, far less than people in the Western world. They ran barefoot on asphalt and other city streets all day long! Also there are many reports on how flat feet and weak arches can actually benefit from going barefoot -which makes much more sense than the shoe-company sponsored reports that we need support every step of the way. *Every* other muscle, bone or ligament that is weak, doctors want us to exercise it... feet are weak, some people slap an insole in the shoe so the muscles, bones and ligaments get even less exercise and get even weaker... doesn't make sense.

Germs aren't that bad, our skin is made to keep pathogens out, and we're at far greater risk of picking something up through our hands. Parasites that penetrate the foot are very rare, the hookworm someone named has been pretty much eradicated in the South since modern plumbing has replaced the outhouses and never was much of a problem in cooler climates.

Cuts are rare too, I have not worn footwear for ten years, I walk much more than two or three miles on a regular basis, including in inner cities, train stations and other places full of glass. I get a tiny splinter maybe once a year, never had a cut. Remember not to drag your feet.

Going barefoot helps your circulation and general health. I've never had much problems with skeletal health, so I can't speak from personal experience there but many people on the barefooters list claim their knee and back problems are much better from walking barefoot. I didn't have any problems of that kind, but I did used to get the sniffles and coughs in early fall and they didn't clear up until late spring... in these past ten years I've been sick once (for all of two days) and even minor sniffles or a cough is rare.

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