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Is there something other than caffeine that wakes you up in the morning?
I used to sleep til 9 now im up at 6 because of school and im uber tired, i dont want to take caffeine or coffee cuz i know its bad for me, is there anything that can keep me awake?

Penguin Gal

Killer Nandin

j H
a very cold shower....

or... slip some shorts on and go out for a jog...

Abby C
The only thing that will truly allow you to wake up is if you get your usual amount of sleep you need to feel rested. Because you have to get up earlier, your whole sleep system is out of whack. What you should do is every night is go to bed 20 minutes earlier each night until you are up to the usual amount of sleep you need to be rested. This is the long-term solution for being well rested and wide awake in the morning. Your body is shocked by the change, so the gradual 20 minute increments should ease your body into the change. Do relaxing things before you go to bed, like reading, crosswords, drinking warm milk/tea. Avoid TV as this is too stimulating.
Now, while you are waiting to feel rested, I do agree that caffeine/coffee only causes more problems. I was a resident in a hospital staying up all night and then having to switch to normal human hours. I tried caffeine and it only upset my stomach, made me jittery, etc. The solution was too short-term.
So, a few short-term solutions until you adjust your sleep schedule. When you take your morning shower, for the last few seconds, turn on colder water. Splash cold water on your face while at the sink. Go for a brisk walk around your block to get the blood flowing. The cold air will help perk you up. Also, eat a healthy balanced breakfast that will sustain you thru the morning like oatmeal, banana, milk. The sugar will wake you up and also the sustaining effects of oatmeal will allow you to have sustained energy. Good luck!

coke,Pepsi and any other drink which has the gas in it.I don't know if you can drink coke in the morning but I saw many people do that when I was studying in Europe.

Well, other than coffee, must be energy, all calories are energy and that will keep you awake but a little overweight... So Vitamins (1 a day), going to bed early and something like an enery-bar but watch your calories... Nothing as effective as warm delicious cup of blend coffee...

go to bed earlier, exercise in the morning and drink hot cup of Tea in the morning (black or green it's all good without that coffee high and low)

The medical consensus that an 8 oz. glass of water will make you feel more alert but will not give you the same "buzz" as coffee. It's a great way to get you up and running!

you should go to bed earlier so you actually have the mood to wake up or have an alarm clock

Go to sleep earlier. Your body is definitely requiring more sleep. Although I am always tired on days I have to go to work and on weekends I can be wide awake at 7am. I think it has something to do with the fact that you know you CAN'T stay in bed, even if you wanted to.


martin h
There are thousands of other stimulants that work like caffeine. Some other popular ones are ginkgo, guarana and ginseng. There are other ones that are "druggy" that are worse than caffeine for your health, so I wouldn't recommend those.

Go to sleep on time & get enough hours of quality sleep.

yes! apples, i'm serious, i've read it the other day, and i tried it...it worked with me, it woke me up and energized me a lil bit

Start going to bed earlier.

Maybe take some b vitamins?

Go to bed nine hours before you have to get up and eventually ur body will get used to it.

In the meantime, when you have your shower in the morning, make the last minute as cold as you can take it, wakes you right up.
You cna also have things like lots of fruit, especially tart fruits such as citrus or crisp apples as the tastes sort of wakes up your tastebuds.
I often play the radio quite loud in the morning (assuming I'm not waking other people up with it) and making an effort to dance around as it gets the blood flowing around your body and to your brain, making you feel awake.

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