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Is taking a bath late at night can harm your lungs?

Additional Details
I seldom take bath late at night. ive heard ppl say that u can damp lung and in some case, die. what time is the best to take a bath at night?

No, if that's the case a lot of people will have severe lung problems.

No, I don't even know where you heard that.


I have never did anything to my lungs.

Only if you breath under water for too long.

No ,not at all.People routinely bath babies before bedtime to help them sleep.

Fleur de Lis
That not true at all. Having a bath at night is great.

That's an old wives tale. Take bath whenever you want.

♥ £.O.V.€. ♥
Your lungs can't tell time. That's just a myth. Take a shower whenever you feel like it.

Anytime is OK to take a bath or shower. This does not affect your lungs.

Stop reading medical books from the 1800s

No, the statement not true.

Where am I?
No, what makes you think so. It's nice to make make you feel sleepy.

Taking a bath at any time cannot harm your lungs (unless all this water gets into your lungs)

Hand puppet pet
Do you often see witch doctors? Moist air is benificial in most cases to breathing, thats why humidifiers are employed into furnaces.

No it is fine to take a bath before bed. I even found that when you have a cold or blocked sinuses that it gives you some relieve from it and you fall a sleep faster.

Fallon V
That is not true at all. It doesn't matter when you take a bath. Just don't swallow nasty dirty water and you will be fine. You won't die if you swallow the water either but it won't taste to good.


No it can't unless you fall asleep and inhale water.

Seriously, there should be no problems. In jest, just remember to keep your head above water.

Gavin T
No it's fine, have a bath whenever you want.

are you serious? Common sense says... if it sounds stupid, it is stupid.

I have suffered from asthma since I was 7 years old (now 39) when my rescue inhaler is not adequate, I get into a extremely hot bath, soak, open up my lungs, enjoy the soothing moisturizing water vapors and breathe deep. I've also taken extremely hot vapor showers to open and moisturize my lungs. This is always recommended to me by my doctors. My 3 month old son had bronchitis and the same was recommended by his pediatrician.

I wonder why?

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