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Is it true you're not supposed to go to sleep for a while after hitting your head hard?
I am wondering b/c I JUST hit my head HARD on a friggin' cupboard corner :( and it is rapidly sprouting a big lump.......I actually hit it so hard I feel a little short of breath. I've been told b4 to not go to sleep too soon after something like that. Is that true? and if so, how long? I don't want to be up all night!

You've been told to do it so that proper assessment to your consciousness could be done to you later. You know, a part of our brain is responsible for our alertness, awakeness and consciousness so when you hit your head hard, there might be some instances that this part of your brain could be accidentally damaged. So, you were told to be awake just to be sure that your brain was not harmed. You could go to sleep ader 2-3 hours when no harm is confirmed. My best advise? If you feel sleepy right away, dizzy or nauseous,consult your doctor immediately

The only time you aren't supposed to let yourself fall asleep is when you've had a concussion. If you're concerned that you might have a concussion, go to the hospital and have it checked out. In all likelihood, the shortness of breath is due to the pain and perhaps a bit of shock from what happened. Put some ice on it and take some ibuprofen. If you start to feel dizzy or have trouble seeing, or if anything else unusual starts to happen, have it checked out.

yeah..i dont think hitting your head on a cup board is that serious...i mean if you bang your head on concrete then definitely dont go to sleep...but you should still stay up...there is a slight chance you can have a concussion..

Rachel J
They say this for young children. Because they could have possible head trauma from being so fragile. But I am not sure it is so dramatic for adults. They usually say wait an hour or so. Who ever "they" is lol.

I'm not a medical professional but I do believe you shouldn't go to sleep after smacking your melon. If you have a concussion, you could potentially have swelling or bruising of your brain. If you go to sleep you will have no awareness of your condition and could possibly (though very unlikely) slip in to a coma and never wake up. If you hit your noggin that hard you need to make a trip to the ER and get an x ray.

It is not a matter that anything happens during sleep that would affect
someone after a brain injury, instead the recommendation given to patients
after receiving a blow to the head is to stay awake simply as a means of
determining whether a serious injury has occurred. If a patient were to go
to sleep, one could not assess the mental status changes that sometimes
occur in a delayed fashion after a traumatic brain injury.


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Why do people tell you not to go to sleep after hitting your head really hard on something?

Question: I've always wondered why do they tell you that and no one seems to know.do you? Help me out plz!!

Hard knocks to the head may have consequences later on that will not be apparent if you decide to fall asleep - concussions are not to be taken lightly, and there also could be a build up of pressure on the brain from bleeding..so it is a good idea to stay awake and be alert to any changes in vision, talking, head pain, etc.


It is in case you suffer delayed concussion, if you feel sleepy that could be an indication that you have concussion. If you feel that bad you should see a doctor

they use to say that, now the rule is, the injured can sleep as long as their easily aroused, meaning if someone shook your arm and you grunted like "get away" you are considered easily aroused.
If your up and on the computer, not nauseous any. you should be ok. I would definatly take some ibuprophen or tylenol because your gonna have one hell of a headache

I would wait about 2 hours before going to sleep. After that - you should be ok.

New Shews
You sound too lucid to have had a concussion. That is the worry after a blow to the head: is the person sleeping or have they gone unconscious.

If it's bedtime, sleep.

You did not hit your head hard enough to cause a concussion even though you are getting a goose egg. Put some ice on the goose egg to keep the swelling down. When you have a major head injury like a car accident or fall down some stairs or fall and hit your head on the coffee table yes you should keep the person awake for a while or wake them up every 30-60 minutes and ask them a question only they can answer ie: what is your dogs name to be sure they do NOT have signs of a concussion.

If you don't become overwhelmingly sleepy in the next two hours, you are probably just fine, the skull is a pretty good protector. With a head injury, sudden and overwhelming sleepiness is an indication of concussion or even worse, like hemorrhage.

Yes, they say stay up for a 1/2 an hour. If you have a concussion (which I doubt) you will have a headache. Even at that you will be ok. I had a car accident and had a concussion that lasted 2 weeks - I certainly didn't stay up two weeks. LOL So, I don't believe you are in any danger at all. Put some ice on that lump for 15 minutes and go to bed knowing you are ok. I think I'd give that cupboard a piece of my mind. No doubt you did. LOL

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