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 Why do i keep getting 'Pins & Needles in my feet when i wake up in the mornings?
its the only time i get them!!
Additional Details
crikey how do you know i drink gallons of iced water everyday? lol

most of my family are ...

 A minute on your lips, a lifetime on your hips...........discuss......

 Want to quit smoking?
Anybody out there who is desperate to give up smoking? Have been smoking 20 a day for the last 13 years and am absolutely sick of it- the smell, my health and the cost. Dont feel like you want to ...

 I wake up every morning with the dryest mouth. The humidity level is 50% in the house so it's not that. Help?
It is like I just smoked 10 packs of cigarette's the night before and I don't even smoke. What could it possibly be???

I drink about 3 or more bottles of water a day too. I don�...

 Been prescribed diazepam 2mg for flight will it knock me out?
got 10 hr flight on friday and am petrified, dr gave me diazepam, how soon before flight do i take it and what will it do to me? how long will effects ...

 If you get really drunk, how long is it until you're sober?
I'm curious: Last night I got REALLY drunk, way too drunk really. I occasionally will have a few at a party and that feels good, but I ended up just feeling crummy while I was drunk. I'm ...

 Can you tell me what to do to not become ill tomorrow?
We are planning to go swim in the sea tomorrow afternoon after school.The weather will be good but the sea is cold.My parents told me to be careful and not catch a cold.What can i do to keep myself ...

 Can your conscious wake up before your body does?
This morning I woke up and couldn't move my arms...I thought I had just slept on them (you know how that is, but usually it's one arm) so i tried to fling my body over. I didn't move AT...

 How unattractive is nail biting or bitten nails?
watching someone bite - is that gross? and what about just seeing bitten nails? does it bother you?...

 What is the quickes most effective way of getting rid of hiccups?
I get the hiccups like 24-7 what is the best way to get rid of hiccups and keeping them away?...

Should I go or should I hold it in for a little while longer?...

 Is it a bad thing if I work out for 3 hours streight?
I have not done it before the most I do is an hour a day or if im feeling lazy I do 30 minutes,but if I do 3 hours will I get better results?...

 Recently I've been wiping my you-know-what and seeing blood on the toilet paper - I'm worried!?
It's not dark red, it looks more watery blood. Sorry if this is a bit of a nasty question, I just wondered what other people thought and whether it's serious....

 Is it ok to wear newly bought underwear that hasn't been washed?

Additional Details
......because some people wash it first to get rid of the dust.......

 How do i get a medicare card when i turn 18 (australia) ?
im on my mums one right now and i think i am supposed to get my own i dont really ...

 I have smoking habbit how to quit this ??? please reply?
Best Regards

 Is there any relef from a sunburn quick?
i was at a brokton rox game and i got a sunburn on both of my arms and its real annoying is there a way to make the burn go away....

 Does anyone take sleeping pills to fall asleep, if so which one?

 Its been almost over 6 months since I got my tragus pierced, why does it hurt? Should I be worried?
It just started to hurt again this week. Its really sensitive. I was thinking maybe I slept on it wrong or maybe I hit it with the phone. In any case should I be worried about infection?...

 My dad's right arm/shoulder is in alot of pain, and he's losing mobility with no apparent reason. Why?
My dad's right arm/shoulder has been in alot of pain lately, and he's losing mobility in it, fast, with no apparent reason. I mean, he's having trouble picking things up, and, it'...

Is it true that you can have too much yeast in your body and it can make you sick?

Some people are more susceptible to over production of yeast in their bodies for various reasons. Usually this is a sign that the body needs more active cultures that are derived from dairy. If this is a problem for you or anyone you know try eating more yogurt and make sure you check the label for live and active cultures!

Golgo 24
Too much of anything's gonna make you sick. Even water.

yohan w
yes, everything is a poison, its just in what quantity. I would guess yeast infections are a symptom of this

you can have

and that to in body

I guess U belong to Turks.............

yes, and if your a woman cause yeast infections.

yea. yeast is a "good" bacteria. but too much "good" bacteria becomes bad.

yeast in the body is not the same yeast we use for processing or wine...yeast infection means fungal infection inside the body.

there are many type of yeast. some are harmful and some not. yeast also being used to make bread.

It sure can. Just look at the damn huge bellies beer drinkers have.


Candida albicans is a naturally occurring yeast in the body. Sometimes it can overgrow and a person may have too much yeast in the body. This is one of the causes of damage to the gut lining which can cause inflammatory responses to food. If you come back with a positive result you are advised to treat this by following an anti-candida diet – all the instructions are given in the Help Notes which accompany the test results.


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