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Is it true that once a brain cell dies, it cant come back to life?
And, can the brain produce new brain cells, after ones have died?



knapses and sinapses are constantly redirecting.

gill r

I believe it is now universally understood that brain cells can replace themselves. Search for this information in the Science journal.

Understand that neurons cannot be revived (brought 'back to life'), only replaced.

You're better off going to a college library or a large public library to find this information. Most public libraries do not carry the Science journal. Search for the terms NEUROBIOLOGY, PROGENESIS.

bluist eyes, sexy romantic
Omega 3 fatty acids are proven to help build up brains cells. Some foods with the highest amounts are blueberries and fish especially salmon. They are called brain food for a good reason.

YAHOO! Answers
i think when it dies its dead....but the brain can make new ones...but they might not be the same or as good as the dead one.....but one dead cell in billions doesnt really make a difference....

Hello, kevin, and thank you for your interesting question.

First off, your question can use some some clean up. Once any cell dies, it cannot come back to life. Dead is dead and that's it.

What is of interest, however, is the body's ability to generate new cells to replace the ones lost through various ways. You question, then, becomes, does the brain have the ability to replace neurons (brain cells) that have died?

If you want an exhaustive answer you should read some medical literature on neurogenesis, or the creation of neurons. But here's the short answer.

For the longest time, the scientific theory said that the adult brain cannot replace lost neurons and that neurogenesis, in fact, does not occur in adulthood.

Very recently, however (in the late nineties), some researchers using new tools have determined that neurogenesis does indeed happen in adulthood, and while many of the created neurons die shortly after they are created, some are in fact incorporated in the surrounding brain tissue (see for example Eriksson et al., 1998; Gould et al., 1999a).

This is an example of a long-held theory being overturned, and these results have only recently been accepted by the scientific community.

You should conduct further research if you are interested in more details about this topic.


brain cells (also called neurons) can't regenerate after they are dead. that's why strokes, brain tumors and massive head injuries are permanent injuries. but some people can regain some lost function (like muscle control or some speech) because other brain cells try to pick up the slack from the dead brain cells. and there are some cases of a few brain cells that are injured fixing themselves up, but usually this takes a lot of time and depends on a lot of factors, like health, age, luck!

Amr A
Yes it is true, as brain cells are nerve cells and they are not capable of regeneration.

that's so funny you asked this. I am in a psychology class and we were just discussing this exact question. The answer is yes. Unlike other cells of the body, (skin, liver, etc) our brain cells do not rejuvinate. It's very unfortunate.

Just like anything else...once it is dead, it is dead. The brain continues to produce new cells constantly. You can however heal or repair damaged brain cells through good diet & nutrition, sleep, lifestyle, and some medications.

yes once a brain cell dies it can't live again. There are no replacements

It's true. Neuron damage can not be repaired, and neurons themselves don't regrow once they're gone. Any brain tissue damage or brain cell loss is permanent.

There is a definitive possibility brain tissue can be repaired and regrown with stem cells, but that research is being blocked at almost every turn - at least in America.


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