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Is it scary to be put under, like put to sleep, for surgery?
i am freaking out cuz i need to get my wisdom teeth out but im scared of getting put to sleep :(

dont be i was scared too i got all 4 taken out in dec of last year i actually liked it they give you laughing gas first and then they inject you with a needle before you know it u r awake and u feel like nothing ever happened i thought it was a kool experience

Karaminder S
dont worry i had surggery before its going to be ok . it dosent even hurt the just make you smell this thing and then you faint and they do the surgrey after the surgry they put a niddle on your leg to wake you up and thats the only thing that hurts . but youll be ok

Not scary at all. Makes me feel as though I've just had a large gin and tonic for a moment and then ... sleep and you don't know anything else until someone wakes you up - usually during a good dream.

Mark Wahlberg
are you kidding? embrace the fact that they knock you out feeling awesome. i wish they could put me to sleep just for getting a needle. i don't want to be awake for that kind of agony

Hi! Plbth!!!!!!
I don't know myself, but I know someone who got an ear surgery at the age of 3 and he did not even feel it. To be put to sleep is a privilege.

there is risk with anything but chances are you'll be fine. if it was a huge threat then they wouldnt do it in the first place, very few people ever have problems with it.

Soccer Darling
You won't even know you're asleep, you won't have dreams or anything like that and you probably won't even remember the first few seconds before you went to sleep. It's not bad at all. However, after your surgery, don't try to eat any solid food at all for as long as your doctor tells you to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't listen to my doctor when i had mine pulled out and ate solid food, so i got a dry socket and the pain you get is intolerable. Just stick to soft foods liked mashed potatoes and you'll be fine.

Big Red
One thing NOT to do is talk about it too much to others. The reason I say this is because you could talk to ten different people who have had the same surgery and get as many different experiences. I am recovering from surgery myself, and before I had it, I heard everything from it being a walk in the park to the worst nightmare. so don’t put yourself through that, especially if you know someone tends to be very dramatic.

I went to the website of the hospital where my surgery was done, and viewed a video of a similar surgery. In some ways it helped me to understand what was being done, but in other ways it made me more apprehensive about the pain involved. I had a month to get ready for my surgery, so I tried to keep myself busy preparing for it, rather than think about the risks or how much pain I’d be in. I cooked a lot of meals and froze them, so I don’t have to cook much now, and I stocked up on books to read and crafty type things to do. I bought a portable DVD player so I could watch movies in bed, and not have to get up to change discs. I moved things in the house that would get in the way of me walking on crutches, and my SO put a recliner next to my computer, so I can get online and still keep my leg elevated.

So if you concentrate on things like this, and not the actual procedure it can help. Action is a good distraction. If the type of surgery you are having seems scary to you, talk to your surgeon about your feelings. They are very good at explaining what to expect. For me, the more I know about a surgery the less anxious I feel. Also if you tell the surgeon you are very anxious, he or she might prescribe a mild tranquilizer for you. Mine gave me some xanax, and it helped me alot.

I won’t ask you what type of surgery you are about to have, because you may not want to disclose that in the open, but if you want to send me a private comment, I’d be happy to help you get some information on it. Good Luck, and I hope whatever it is your having done will make you feel better.

Hailey C
no its cool sorta fun

its ok ait isnt that bad

You go to sleep every night. Nothing to worry about. Except the cases where you are actually Awake during the surgery and can feel everything.

Those happen more and more these days.

not very happy at all :(
narh its fine. they just ask you to count to 10 i got about to 3 and i was gone lmao it was funny.

No not at all! Its like your laying there under nice warm blankets and then they put the mask on you and tell you to count backwards from 100, and then everything starts to kindof get foggy and boom your asleep within 10 seconds and you dont feel a thing!

The lead up to it is pretty nerve jangling. However, once they actually put you out, it is a piece of cake. You are out before you really know it and next thing you know you are awake. Rarely seems if any time has passed. Best advice I can give you is to go as long as you can, at least a day or two, before the surgery on a liquid diet. Just broth, milkshakes, etc. Then cut off about noon the day before the surgery and go to bed, try to sleep as much as you can and just drink water. If you do this you will feel less pukey. Then day of surgery remind yourself when you wake up you want to take deeeeeep breaths. I have had a LOT of surgeries and when I follow this I do much better. Deep breathing after the surgery, even if it hurts, gets you awake faster and the sick feeling goes away faster.

NO not at all its so cool especially with the gas they put the mask on you then anything any1 says is funny then you wake up its painless and goes by fast

you have absolutely nothing to worry about

you don't feel anything but when you come out of it you start walking around like person it their sleep, and you will talk about really stupid things!

Jake ever
You won't remember a thing! theres nothing to worry about, it felt like a dream to me

Blair H
Hey I was put to sleep when I got my wisdom teeth taken out. You're out within seconds then when you wake up, it feels like you've been asleep for only a few minutes. The only thing afterwards is that you'll feel either angry or upset, plus you'll be tired. I was crying for no reason when I woke up. But it's no problem, don't worry about it.

Gisele C
Trust Me,
Falling To Sleep Will Make The Surgery Much Easier And Less Pain.

Imagine Having To Watch Your Heart Being Taken Out Or Your Eye Being Surgecially Corrected On.

Sleep Is A Good Thing.

Birdie birdie birdie
No, its actually kind of fun. When I had my wisdom teeth out I thought it was cool.

Hey I'm getting mine out this week, too! I don't think it's that scary. Lots and lots of people have this procedure done every year (that should make you feel better). Good luck and have a little faith in the doctor. Also, I read that eating pineapple will help in the recovery.

hair gel :D
nahh. you dont even know its happeningg.

robert M
no its nothing. you simply wake up after its done and your like wtf i dont even remember going under

Ms. B
Nope, I have been put under soo many times, which probably hasn't done any good for my body, but uh Yeah, You'll get an IV and then they will fill it with the anesthetic and then all You will feel is coolness of the liquid in Your veins, Ew I know, but it doesn't hurt.. And then they have you count down from 10 I beleive, and all the sudden, You're out like a light.

And then after surgery, You might feel sore, but You don't even remember anything but when You were counting down.


I was awake when mine were pulled out- you don't have to be put to sleep if you don't want to.

I did have a surgery where I was put to sleep and while I was nervous it was fine- a few hours later I woke up and was fine.

Tori H
no ive had like 5 surgeries first one when i was like 7.
its not scary at all.

no its nothing to worry about

No they just put a tiny plastic mask on your face and you're out like a light . They tell you to count to 10, and I only got to 3 and a half before I was asleep.

nothing to worry about.

best sleep you'll get in a while since it's such a deep sleep.

Anita M
I have been put to sleep twice! It is kind of scary, however if you have a good anesthesiologist he/she will walk you through the whole thing. Just try and relax! It only takes like 5 seconds for them to put you to sleep and once you wake up you feel kind of groggy, but someone will be there the whole time until you come out of it safely =} Good luck!

Had shoulder surgery its no biggie when they gave me gas I made it to 96 countin backwards, when I woke it was all good...

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