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Is it okay to feel depressed after being raped?
I was raped 4 times. Two of them times was by the same person, Once by my uncle and then by 4 ****** i grew up with. How am I supposed to feel? I really need some advice for this one!

Its ok to feel sad but you really should seek councling and getting those guys behind bars.

Tiffany D
Tiff here, your sista:

It's more than okay, it's a horrible thing to go through. I wish you're weren't though, honey. You didn't do anything wrong, the rapists are the ones that should be depressed.

I wish you the best.

of course! like everybody said such depression is normal.... if you won't feel that way, i advice you to seek for psychiatric help!......

Just Me
Everyone responds to this differently. I would feel violated, sad, mad, upset, scared. You have alot emotions that you go through when something like that happens.

starting over
You need professional help. Depression is normal after being raped once. Get help

I think if you weren't depressed or vengeful or angry or sad, something would be wrong.

It's perfectly fine to feel this way, but the thing is you can't let it consume you for the rest of your life. Yes it's a HORRID thing to have happen but those people should be brought to a terrible justice and you should be able to find some closure and comfort in that. Although, I know there are the "forgive and let God" types and if you are one of them and that works, then fine.

But you need to talk to someone, to try and find some peace within you and to also find a way to be empowered.

I would suggest counseling whether it be a professional counselor or a religious leader or whatever, you need to do that and they can then try to lead you in healthier directions. You can also call a Rape Crisis Center or you can try the The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) http://million.rainn.org/ and see what they can offer you.

Empower yourself. I am sure you fear that this will happen again, - so take self defense or karate classes, kick boxing and such aggressive sports, not only will you get the anger and hurt out, but you'll feel better prepared to handle anything.

I know right now that it seems terrible. But i do hope that one day your experience may become something you cn live with, or something that you can make bigger than you and to help others who have ben through the same.

Please, please, don't let it ruin your life.

You should feel like going to the cops and reporting them!!

The Whopper
well angry and depressed and vengefull would be part of my feelings

it would be natural to feel depressed but you have to learn to accept the situation and move on by not dwelling on it..although your experience might have been nightmarish you can start to overcome it by realizing there are a lot more people out there who may have experienced more harrowing events in their lives and many have learned to cope with it...be thankful for the good things in your life and move on from there

Nurse in Ohio
please, you should go to counseling and talk to someone. you need to tell the authorities.

You have the right to feel depressed although it is bizarre to get it 4 different times.

Smoothie...it is never your fault when you are raped, yet women often feel guilty and responsible.

I would contact your local women's shelter and ask about counseling or group sessions. If often helps to talk with other women who have been through it and counseling always helps, if you are honest with the counselor.

@bsolutely $weet
wow.....i think its ok to feel depressed...i mean 4 times....but if you havent told anyone you seriously should...no woman should have to go through such a horrific thing like that....i hope everything goes well for you.

M.C. Screwdriver
well its perfectly fine to feel depressed and you should consider talking to a professional. This isn't your fault but you may have some problems with keeping your self out of bad situations. This is something a therapist could probably help you with to get yourself out of the victim role, and in more control of your life. Don't let this destroy your life, take control and do something about this, becauuse if u don't trust me you will regret it.

Talk to someone. Like your mom, or a teen help line. Someone needs to know. Stay away from the kid who did it twice. Seriously, TELL SOMEONE. A depressed feeling is normal, but you need to tell someone.

you are going to go through many stages of the feelings, and i do know how you feel i went through the same thing but it was only one week after i was married. no not by my husband i was going to work and i got raped and it was really bad i called the rape crisis center from the hospital and the lady came over and brought this tape and it really helped see if they can do the same for you. please don't give up on life it is hard but you can do this and have yourself checked to make sure you don't have any diseases and most of all you are alive.

sandra s
You should forget you self for feeling that way and forget those people, they will get punish. For you, you should get some professional help and if you don't like that, try to learn how to meditate. That should help your mind to live with your pass

Art The Wise
You need counseling. That is the best therapy I can recommend for you.

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